How much do you trust the information on the web?

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A recent survey, commissioned by business knowledge provider Mancx, conveyed that 98% of the 1,900 adult Americans participating in the survey had multiple reasons to doubt information they found on the Internet.

Reason include:

Too many ads – 59%

Outdated information – 56%

Information is self-promotional – 53%

Unfamiliar forums – 45%

The survey also found that 94% worried that “bad things” could happen to them as a result of acting on inaccurate online information, such as wasting time (67%). Other fears include getting a computer virus (63%), losing money (51%), risk of fraud (51%) and damaging their credibility (36%), among others…


You, as a content consumer, how much do you trust the information on the web?

You, as a content developer, how do you demonstrate credibility in your web content?


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