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stephen kovats bwWe would like to further introduce you to our Advisory Board members, rolling out more information about themselves and their current projects.

Stephen Kovats is a cultural and media researcher with a background in architecture and urbanism, founding director of r0g – the Berlin agency for open systems, cultural hacktivism and critical transformation. He was artistic director of transmediale, Berlin’s festival for art and digital culture 2008 – 2011, co-director of the McLuhan in Europe 2011 Centennial Network, and the international programs curator at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam. He came to Germany during its unification, spending most of his time exploring Eastern and Central Europe, directing the ‘ostranenie’ media art forum at the Bauhaus Dessau. In doing so he developed a deep interest in open cultural and technological systems, working to apply these on the transformation of societal and urban landscapes. With the r0g_agency he looks to further the power of open systems through initiatives such #OSJUBA which seeks to harness the power of open source and cultural technologies in the establishment of the new state of South Sudan, or the CELLSKID youth, technology and bio arts initiative in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You can follow him on twitter @intertwilight


Programming Director, Social Media Week Berlin

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