Host Team


  • Eimear Bruen

    Eimear Bruen

    Managing Director

    Eimear Bruen is a brand and communications manager with extensive agency experience at senior management level. Moving from Ireland in 2011, she quickly found her feet organising large and small scale cultural events in Berlin and London, while keeping genuine communications at the core. She is an entrepreneur at heart, and enjoys the challenges of bringing great ideas to life.

  • Jewell Sparks

    Jewell Sparks

    Programming Director

    Jewell Sparks is a global business strategist and journalist specializing in providing “Out of the Box” business solutions and social media strategies for startups, nonprofits and businesses in transition. She advises and mentors startups on team effectiveness, brand development, social media marketing, and funding strategies. She is the Programme Director for #SMWBerlin.

  • Rico Valtin

    Rico Valtin

    PR & Press

    Rico Valtin is a journalist and event organizer. He worked as an online editor, radio reporter and broadcasted from Cairo. In Berlin he is organizing parties and works in PR for art and entertainment events. He is in charge with #SMWBerlin Press.

  • Matthias Laminski

    Matthias Laminski

    Production Manager

    Matthias Laminski is an architect and project manager. For the past five years he has worked in Berlin for event design and organising international festivals and cultural events around the world, such as film screenings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, parties and concerts.

  • Matej Ficko

    Matej Ficko

    Communications Manager

    Matej is a communication strategist with extensive experience in various news media & creative agencies. He's a strong and passionate believer in good & honest ideas, which he envision, conceptualizes and executes. Currently he also works at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

  • Julianne Becker

    Julianne Becker


    Julianne Becker is a filmmaker and communications specialist, originally from the US. She moved to Berlin from Vietnam, where she worked as Film Advisor for WWF Greater Mekong and Communications Manager for WWF Vietnam. We could portray her as a creative nerd with futurist tendancies, and is always excited to bring relevant, time-worthy, provocative, and empowering content to the Social Media Week Berlin programme.