Greetings from Social Media Week Global HQ and Happy New Year!



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We wanted to take this opportunity to provide an overview as to what’s happening in the build up to Social Media Week 2010.

By now, you probably know that on Feb 1st, Social Media Week will launch simultaneously in six cities, across five countries and three continents, hosting the first cross-collaboration conference of its kind (at least that we’ve heard of).  If you didn’t know about it, or if you knew but it still doesn’t make sense, you can learn more here.

Helping us to produce the conference are literally hundreds of people, who are heavily involved in the design, planning and execution of over one hundred events in six cities, including London, Berlin, New York, Toronto, San Franciso and São Paulo.

The roles these individuals perform vary and include our global advisors, lead city organizers, city advisors and planning committee members.  Without their passion, energy and enthusiasm, this initiative would be simply be impossible to pull off.

We are also privileged to be working with some of the world’s most innovative and exciting brands who have come on board as sponsors, event partners and collaborators. Included in this list is our Headline Sponsor Meebo Inc, and our Global Gold Sponsor Pepsico.

In addition to their support, we are also incredibly fortunate to have Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and The New York Times supporting us as media partners and in New York we have also secured MOMA, Time Inc, Razorfish, Deep Focus, Wired, IDEO,, PressLift, SoundCtrl, Colaboratie Mutopo, and 360i as event and communication partners.

Thanks to these partners and sponsors, we are able to host many of the events for free, allowing us to fulfill our goal of keeping Social Media Week open, inclusive and accessible for as many people as possible.

Now, you may be asking “where’s the schedule of events?”, or “when can we actually register or RSVP for these amazing events you keep talking about?”.  Both valid questions of course and fear not schedules and RSVP opportunities are forthcoming!

As is the nature of Social Media Week, the program comes together organically and the schedule events builds over time as each city and each organizer within each city adds their events to the overall program.  Also, unlike traditional conferences where you pay for a single conference pass, attendees of Social Media Week are able to pick and choose events in a more à la carte fashion, selecting opportunities that are more specific and relevant to them.

We promise as events are added to the program, we will let you know and if you keep an eye on @socialmediaweek (Global), or @smwldn (London), @smwbln (Berlin), @smwsp (Sao Paulo), @smwnyc (New York) and @smwto (Toronto) you will receive updates in a more timely fashion.

That’s it for now.  More, big juicy announcements to follow.  Thanks for your interest, particiaption and support.

Social Media Week 2010 is going to be huge!

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