5 Questions with Nokia’s Craig Hepburn

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Craig Hepburn is the Global Director of Digital at Nokia. You can follow his tweets here.

Give us a quick overview on how your company is using social media to enhance your marketing and communications.
Nokia’s vision is a world where everyone can be connected. We help our customers connect with each other through the devices and services we provide and importantly, have realized the value of building engaging relationships through social and digital channels. We have a dedicated global social media team who provide a robust framework of best practice, education and support for local teams and in the process of rolling out an enterprise wide social media management solution that will enable us to scale our engagement strategy more efficiently. We are also proud of our efforts and infrastructure internally that enable employees to connect with each other through a comprehensive social collaboration platform.

What is your aim with your company’s social media strategy?

Our ambition is to create a globally connected organization that empowers our employees to better engage with consumers through real time conversations. In the new digitally connected world of marketing, PR, communications and CARE is becoming increasingly important to become more authentic, transparent and engaged–and this can only happen through a coordinated and consistent framework that truly empowers employees to respond.

What’s your opinion on the search for a £-based ROI on social media? Can it be achieved? How?

You need measure the effectiveness of all the social media activities and cross reference different data points to show your results. But at the same time it is hard to put monetary value for the relationships you are building. I’m not even sure if you should. But you can follow the ROI at least with more tactical level social media activities, e.g. preorders through social channels, time to market or cost per contact for online customer service.

What’s the most successful piece of social-media based marketing/communications you’ve done? Why do you think it worked so well?

We see social media as combination of our continuous and ongoing community activities across the web. Some of these are brand driven, some driven by our employees and some of them by our fans and advocates. We have managed to build very successful, responsive and engaging online presence through our different blogs, support discussion forums, social media presences and activities such as the Nokia Beta Labs where we are actively in contact with Nokia related communities. More recently, we activated a whole range of new devices and services purely via social media engagement and realized that consumers responded extremely positively driving increased pre orders and product advocacy. By working extremely closely with marketing, communicates and CARE while aligning our goals and engagement strategy we created a strong, compelling and authentic message that resonated well with our customers.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a peer who has just been assigned responsibility for their company’s social media strategy?

Keep it simple, understand your business goals, strategy and culture, start internally, empower your colleagues and get senior management to buy in. It’s also imperative to be authentic and focus on your brand values.

What’s next in corporate social media? Are there any interesting developments on the horizon?

We are going to see an increase in social business design where companies calibrate their organizational structures to better reflect their customers’ needs and encourage more transparent collaboration internally. This will then provide a more scalable and agile approach for businesses to evolve and change by meeting customer demands and respond to the changing landscape of business and cultures. Simply we are going through some of the most radical changes in business and communications that will impact all parts of an organization. Social media is driving transparency and more authentic business practices will impact us all in some way over the coming years and my advice is to embrace the opportunities and innovate through challenges. Be optimistic and see, seize and share through work and life!

Joanna Firneno is a contributing writer to the Social Media Week blog and is an Associate Communications Manager at Deep Focus.

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