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As it is now just one month away from the launch of Social Media Week February 7-11 2011, we are pleased to announce that today pre-registration will open for select events taking place in Social Media Week cities all across the world.

To register, simply visit, pick a city and click on schedule.

There are nine cities participating in Social Media Week–powered by global headline sponsor Nokia–this February. Registration will be going live over the course of today in New York, London, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and São Paulo. Please note that Toronto and San Francisco will be going live with registration later in the week and in each city, more events will be added over the coming weeks.

The initial agendas began to take shape in December, and anticipation has grown as each city’s continues to share more of their program. Now, with four weeks to go before Social Media Week begins, we are proud to begin our pre-release of a limited batch of tickets for the events that have been confirmed so far.  For all of you early adopters out there chomping at the bit to secure your opportunity to participate in the largest, most inclusive and unique event of its kind in 2011, now is the time to choose which events you will be attending.

Learn More About Registering For Events

So, to cut to the chase, you might be asking now: How do I find out what events I can register for today? To see what is going on in your city and to sign up to reserve your place, simply choose your local SMW city from the banner at the top of this page and then click on your city’s “Schedule” tab below (or it might say “Agenda” or “Programme” if you are in Rome, Paris, or São Paulo).

From here, you will see a display of all the events currently confirmed on that city’s Social Media Week calendar. Then just find the event you want to register for, click through, and Voila!, you will be signed up and registered for the event thanks to the power of Amiando, official SMW Scheduling and Event Management Partner. You’ll note that some of these events are still not open for registration, but the rest of the schedule will follow within the next two weeks.

A sampling of some of the exciting activities taking place around the world include:

Check out each city’s schedule to learn more!

Why do I have to register for each event individually?

We get asked this question a lot.  As you will notice when looking over the schedules each event is unique in its own right and focuses on a specific topic or theme.  We believe that by encouraging people to register for specific events, we will attract a more committed, engaged and targeted audience.  Also, it’s worth noting that more than 95% of Social Media Week events are completely free to attend and while we do not charge, we do expect our attendees to think carefully about which events they wish to attend and register accordingly.

How Do I Add MY Event To Social Media Week?

It’s important to keep in mind that while a huge amount of programming in each city is now confirmed and scheduled, there are still opportunities to add events and get involved in other ways everywhere.

As an open and collaborative platform, Social Media Week provides many ways to ‘Get Involved’ including curating and hosting events, speaking and presenting, designing workshops, facilitating interviews, sponsoring events, providing editorial coverage, and volunteering to participate on the local host committees.

There are opportunities for every organization and individual to get involved this February, on both a global and local level:

  • Host an event: You could join the ranks of Sony, New York Times, MTV,, JWT, Razorfish, MoMA, Porter Novelli, and others who have all hosted events at their space during previous conferences
  • Volunteer: Join the host committee in your city, work at the events, support the communications team, help with outreach.  There are many ways to get involved individually
  • Provide in-kind products/services to attendees: Much like Foursquare, Livestream, Pegshot, Mobile Roadie, your company could provide services to SMW attendees that enhance and improve their experience
  • Sponsor an event: There will be at least 500 events taking place across the all the participating cities.  Through these events, your brand can connect and engage an audience of hyper-social influencers
  • Speaking Opportunities: Do you have domain specialism?  Do you want to share your ideas with a broader audience?

Follow the links below to learn more (event teams in parantheses):

Get Involved: Globally

Or Get Involved Locally! (city organizer in parantheses)

Support from corporate partnerships, both globally and locally, allows Social Media Week to provide hundreds of free events worldwide for its audience of hyper-social influencers. In addition to global headline sponsor NOKIA, other global supporting sponsors of Social Media Week including PepsiCoJWT and Meebo.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  For real-time updates follow @socialmediaweek on Twitter and get notified when new events are added to the schedule by signing up to our mailing list here.

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