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By Regina Teixeira

Cross-posted from PepsiCo’s Living the Promise Blog

Our tendency as a company is to communicate and relate to different audiences. That’s why PepsiCo has stood out as a pioneer in social media – finding channels to communicate with the company’s consumers around the world.

But more than an opportunity to talk about brands and new products, our social media channels were always seen as an exceptional means to communicate the company’s vision for sustainability – called Performance with Purpose.

In 2011, the company’s investments in social media will continue to engage consumers in the dialogue about the company’s activities. In Brazil and around the world, Performance with Purpose is already present in this dialogue and inspires the brand’s actions. PepsiCo’s support of the Operation Smile NGO in Brazil, for example, has benefited underprivileged children with surgeries to correct cleft lips. Besides supporting the program, the online campaign multiplied the number of surgeries supported by the company.

The company’s partnership with Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), an NGO that works in collaboration with the Organization of American States (OAS), is also promoting, for the second consecutive year, the Eco Challenge, a competition aimed at young entrepreneurs in Latin America who care about preserving the environment through innovation and entrepreneurship.

But rather than speaking about sustainability, PepsiCo wants to hear the Brazilian public on the company’s activities. That’s why, after the channels created by our foods and beverages brands, PepsiCo Brazil created its corporate profiles in 2010. PepsiCo Brazil launched profiles on Twitter (@PepsicoBrasil), Facebook and Orkut.

For all that, we’re happy to participate in Social Media Week São Paulo, exchange ideas and talk about all that’s coming this year. See you there!

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