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By Josh Karpf

Cross-posted from PepsiCo’s Living the Promise Blog

This week is Social Media Week all around the world. Once again, PepsCo is involved and we’re thrilled to be participating! In fact, last year we launched the Pepsi Refresh  Project at Social Media Week which speaks to the how important we think it is at PepsiCo.

Sitting at the launch press conference last Thursday, I was reminded of the impressive global growth of this little event.  Executive Director of SMW, Toby Daniels, walked through the massive changes. There are over 15 cities globally taking part in the event, planning micro-conferences and networking sessions this week; each coordinating on their own, yet feeding ideas and collaborating with the other host cities.  It’s a massive endeavor. So much energy is coming out of each host city, that you can’t help but be excited about the power of social media. Hearing NY Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith at the event, talking about the need to invest in technology and communications, and to make NY (PepsCo’s background) a big component of that, was great to see.

However, if you look at the content of the events, you would quickly notice that Social Media Week events aren’t really focused on Social Media and Marketing, or Social Media and Advertising. But they are exploring how social media is effecting industries like Energy, Healthcare and Global Economics. One needs only look at our newspapers to understand the power of social media on society. It’s this power which SMW is celebrating.

At PepsiCo, we are excited to be involved – It’s not just a platform to connect with the space, it’s also an opportunity for us to create a “digitally-enabled” culture inside the company.  You may have read a blog post from our colleagues in Brazil  (translated too) discussing their activations for SMW. They will be attending events and exposing a number of employees. In fact, we have employees on four continents involved this year! This isn’t just an opportunity to go to fun events and conferences – it’s part of the digital understanding we are trying to build. We all know the trends point towards a 100% digital future – and we need to have a big role in that, because this is how our consumers view the world. We need to be where they are – understand the language and be prepared to participate!

I am traveling to London where I’ll be working with PepsiCo employees, attending social media week events and meeting with agencies and technology companies!

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