Interesting Stats and Data From the Third Day of Social Media Week



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Wednesday marked the half way point for Social Media Week. The bad news is that the week is half over, but the good news is there’s still half a week left. I’m back with some more interesting things I found from Social Media Week cities around the word. Using Sysomos’ social media monitoring and analytic tools, MAP and Heartbeat, I was able to look at conversations happening all around the world. The following are some interesting things I found.

Before I dove into each of the individual cities I pulled up the media share for the global “Social Media Week” and the hashtag #SMW. While Twitter is still the dominent medium people are using to discuss their experiences and what they are learning, there seems to be some action all across the board on Wednesday. This is also the first time this week I’ve seen anything coming from forums. As well, our sentiment gauge on the right shows that everyone seems to be enjoying their Social Media Week.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Media Share

First, I pulled up some key conversations for Hong Kong. It appears that there was a big conversation that day that garnered a lot of attention around Facebook and what it plans to do in China.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Key Conversations

In New York, I found it interesting that their top three influencers around their social media week for the day were all companies.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Top Influencers

Here in Toronto I pulled up the buzzgraph, which shows us the words most used in conjunction with out search terms, and was very happy to find Sysomos (my company) right in the middle. We held an event on Wednesday that was well received, but I didn’t realize how well until I saw this.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Buzzgraph

Meanwhile, in São Paul, Brazil, there appeared to be interesting conversation surrounding the ideas of social gaming. My favourite quote is the last one, which roughly translates to panel moderator Renata Honorato saying “The label ‘social gaming’ bothers me because every game is social. The board game is social.”

Sysomos Heartbeat - Key Conversations

Sysomos Heartbeat - Key Conversations

Always the city that seems to surprise me the most, I’m happy to say that in San Francisco there is an even amount of men and women talking about their Social Media Week experiences.

Sysomos Heartbeat - Gender Demographics

Last but not least, I thought that I would do something special for the half way mark. I searched Twitter for the individual city hashtags to find out who had tweeted the most using each hashtag and came up with the following list.

Top Tweeters by individual city hashtags:

Well, that’s what I have for today. I’ll be back tomorrow to update you on the interesting things that happened on Thursday.

Happy learning everyone!

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