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This week we have started experimenting with a very exciting new video conversation platform called Here’s a quick description taken from their website:

“VYou allows people to broadcast video structured as conversations, offering the most personal form of social interaction on the web. It works like this: you record video responses to messages entered by friends and fans. VYou organizes their messages and your videos into conversations, making the experience feel continuously live even though the content is stored.

VYou lets you get advice from experts, interact with your favorite celebrity or organization, or communicate with friends and family using a social presence that persists even when you’re away. As a simple application it can be embedded and posted anywhere on the web giving you tremendous power and creative control.”

As soon as we started using the platform we could see the enormous potential it has for our business.  Since 2009 we have expanded to 20 cities and 17 countries worldwide.  One of our biggest challenges is being able to manage and maintain a meaningful dialogue with the hundreds of thousands of people that connect with Social Media Week across these different countries.  VYou is potentially a highly efficient medium through which we can answer people’s questions, respond to feedback and even more importantly put a face and personality behind our global brand.

We respond to thousands of emails every week, however, despite the directness and speed of email we find that it is not good at managing human interactions, hence why Vyou is a nice alternative.

We will continue trialing the platform for a few weeks before we potentially roll it out through our local partners around the world.

In the meantime. please take this opportunity to ask us a question below. Whether you’re interested to know more about how Social Media Week got started, where it’s headed in the future, what we think of the state of the industry or whether you’d like to ask us about our forthcoming event, we’d love to hear from you.

Toby Daniels

CEO, Crowdcentric


Toby Daniels is the Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week and CEO of New York based Crowdcentric.

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