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With the second Social Media Week of 2011 starting to creep up, Sysomos, a Marketwire company, is happy to once again be involved in this exciting week of learning, sharing and connecting. As with the February 2011 SMW Sysomos will be providing social media monitoring and statistics including daily blog posts. However, this time we also are getting involved long before Social Media Week actually starts.

Using Sysomos’ industry leading software for social media monitoring and analytics, MAP and Heartbeat, we have instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations and can quickly see what’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s driving the conversations. Through the use of contextual text analytics and data mining technology, Sysomos collects data from blogs, Twitter, social networks, message boards, forums, wikis and major news sources so that we always have a pulse on what’s going on in social media. We plan to use all of this data to bring you insights on what’s happening during Social Media Week as well as what is happening in official SMW cities leading up to the event.

Starting this week we will be shedding some light on social media in each of the 12 official cities that will be hosting Social Media Week events in September. In these posts we will be providing some general data on how social media is being used in each of these cities as well as what specifically these cities are talking about in relation to social media. Hopefully these posts will help to raise awareness of what aspects of social media are important and on people’s minds in each city and maybe even inspire a few sessions for SMW.

To kick off our series we are starting with a city that everyone knows, the city of angels, Los Angeles. For this analysis we decided to look back at six months worth of data to provide some high-level demographics and analysis of what is going on in the social sphere in Los Angeles. Then, as a next step, we reanalyzed the data to dig deeper into what people in Los Angeles were actually saying about social media.

Over the past six months our Sysomos social media monitoring and analytics platform was able to find 431,112 blog posts, 84,133 online news articles, 3.5 million forum postings and 67.3 million tweets that were marked as originating from Los Angeles.

Graphed out in a popularity chart we can see a timeline of how all thius social media action took place. Twitter, just by sheer numbers overshadows most of the other mediums. However, we can see that social media traffic seemed to hold a steady pace over the first part of the year and then in April traffic of tweets coming from Los Angeles seemed to start to grow and has been on a semi-steady incline ever since.

Next, we pulled up a word cloud that crosses all mediums Sysomos scans. Here we can see the words that are appearing the most in all talk in social media coming out of Los Angeles. While it’s hard to get a story from this word cloud as it’s not looking at a specific topic, we can still get an idea of what’s on the minds of social mediaites in Los Angeles

A deeper dive into who is writing blog posts that come out of Los Angeles actually reveals quite a bit about the social media scene there. Firstly, we looked at the industires that these blogs tagged themselves as writing about. No surprise here, but the majority of blogs in the Los Angeles area say that they write about arts, meaning movies, television, music and other art forms.  Following arts, communication is the second most blogged about industry.

We then got a little bit more granular to find out who was writing these blogs. Our system, which scans for user provided data, showed that 64% of blogs from Los Angeles are being written by males with the other 36% being written by females. We also found that 41.6% of blogs are being written by bloggers aged 21-35. 27.6% of blogs are being written by people aged 35-50, being followed by people 20 and under at 16.6% and finally those aged 50 and above making up 14% of bloggers in Los Angeles.

Twitter is a bit harder to pull demographics from as the service doesn’t require a user to provide any data beyond a name and a location (and some people don’t even supply a location). Luckily, thanks to a industry exclusive system we’ve developed at Sysomos we are able to identify the gender of Twitter users. A look at the last six month of tweets from Los Angeles reveals that the gender distribution on Twitter is quite even with males accounting for 51% of tweets and females 49%.

For the next set of data, we looked at activity in social media coming from Los Angeles that specifically referenced social media (talked about it). Here we found 4,034 blog posts, 349 online news articles, 452 forum posts and 84,421 tweets that specifically mention social media.

From this activity we then ran a buzzgraph report. Buzzgraphs show the words being used most in conjunction with our search term (in the case “social media”) and how those words are connected. Looking across all social mediums we were able to plot out the buzzgraph you see bellow. Right in the center we can see Facebook and Twitter and strong connections between the two, so we can assume that these two social networks are being talked about the most when people in Los Angeles are talkgn about social media. Around the outskirts of the buzzgraph we can see some other topics that are being talked about a lot in realtion to social media such as “marketing,” “communications,” “politics,” “promotions” and “business” to single out a few.

From these words we then plotted out a top ten chart of the most popular words being used when talking about social media to hopefully help inspire ideas for Social Media Week sessions and panels. The top ten words being used when talking about social media in Los Angeles are:

  1. Network
  2. People
  3. Share or sharing
  4. Business or businesses
  5. Twitter
  6. Politics
  7. Promoted and promotions
  8. Facebook
  9. Tweet
  10. Website

Hopefully this post has helped to shed a little light on the social media world of Los Angeles. We’re also interested to know what kind of information you, our audience, is interested to know about in regards to our 12 (now 11) Social Media Week host cities, so please leave a comment bellow and we’ll try to work in some of the suggestions to future posts.

We’ll see you soon for our next installment here or feel free to interact with us in-between posts through Twitter by contacting @Sysomos or myself at @40deuce.


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