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Borderless Brands: How Brands Handle Language Across Borders
Social Media Week NY (June 1, 2011 )

Panelists address the difficulty of communicating messages across borders and into different languages. Despite these obstacles, people who are passionate about their content use available resources such as translators to overcome language barriers. Businesses and organizations must also derive ways to communicate on a global scale.

Join in the global conversation here. What are your thoughts on how brands should handle language differences? What are ways that we are already overcoming this barrier?

Panel Moderator: Todd Wasserman, Mashable

Linda Boff – Global Director of Marketing, GE
Bonin Bough – Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo
Carolyn Everson – Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Taylor Gray – VP of Marketing & Social Media Strategy, AOL Huffington Post Media Group
Freddie Laker – Vice President, Digital Strategy – Global Brands, SapientNitro
Peter Nicholson – Chief Creative Officer, JWT

Dalisbeth Galvez

Intern, CrowdCentric


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