SMW Video Archives: Keynote: When Digital Meets Physical: “Your Context is the new URL”

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When Digital Meets Physical: “Your Context is the new URL”
Hosted at the Science and Technology Hub at Google

Social Media Week NY (February 7, 2011)

This presentation will explore how the mobile is now at the epicenter of the digital and physical worlds, and how it is transforming our decision making. Not long ago, we talked about the mobile as the gateway to the internet. Now we do not need a gateway. Our physical location, social contacts and preferences shape the information we receive. Suddenly, the world becomes smaller, social and more accessible. Our everyday decision making and plans can flow more spontaneously.

Keynote Speaker: Geard Grech – Global Head of Content Distribution, Media, NOKIA

Dalisbeth Galvez

Intern, CrowdCentric


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