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Social Media Around the World
Hosted by Freddie Laker, Head of Digital Strategy in Asia, SapientNitro

Social Media Week NY (February 9, 2011)

Freddie Laker, head of digital strategy in Asia for SapientNitro discusses his insights as an expatriate living in Shanghai on how the world’s next great superpower is embracing social media and the impact on culture and role of government.

Fact: Russia has the #1 engaged social media audience in the world. Their top site is VKontakte, a
Facebook/Youtube/Myspace hybrid you’ ve probably never heard of. Brazil is second, favoring Orkut.
In India, they’ re using Bubbly. What are these platforms and why haven’ t they infiltrated the US mass
market? Will they? To what degree are these tools affecting culture, or is culture reflected in them?

Moderator: Freddie Laker, Head of Digital Strategy – Asia, SapientNitro

Katarina Graffman,Owner & CEO of Inculture, Stockholm, Sweden
Justin Barkhuizen, Ex-Director of Social Media, MediaCom
Mark Leong, Digital Strategist, RAPP, Tokyo, Japan
Zarul Shekhar, SapientNitro + TV Producer/Anchor Delhi, India, Manager of Digital Media
Mehdi Lamloum, Digital Planner, OgilvyOne, Tunisia

Dalisbeth Galvez

Intern, CrowdCentric


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