Peace One Day- The Impact of A Day of Peace

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Tim Wright is Director and Co-Founder of twintangibles, our city partner for Social Media Week Glasgow. Tim has worked as a consultant, practitioner and senior manager with a number of global commercial organisations including Egon Zehnder International and McKinsey & Co. His understanding of the Social Media Mindset as an enabler for radical and innovative change in both business and society inspired him to set up twintangibles in 2010.

World peace.

Simple phrase, big ambition and something pretty much all of us would aspire to.

But how many of us actually try to make it happen, I mean really try. Well, yesterday Social Media Week Glasgow was privileged to welcome a man who knows what it means to really, really, really try as Jeremy Gilley was its keynote opening speaker.

Astonishing, riveting, inspiring all part of the mix as Jeremy gave us a whistle stop account of how his 11 year campaign has brought us to the point of beginning the 1 year countdown to the first ever UN recognised World Peace Day on 21st September 2012

It’s easy to forget that a day of peace is not just a day when there is the chance of no conflict but it is a window that enables so much other social good to be done. Vaccination, education and relief. Jeremy eloquently explained to a rapt group of delegates in Glasgow, and an international audience via the streamed channels, just how profound the impact even a single day of peace can be.

You might ask why Social Media Week. What has social media and mobile communications got to do with this? Well when we began pulling together the schedule of events for Social Media Week months ago now we could not have imagined a better opening speaker because some of our key themes were communication, engagement and connection and Jeremy demonstrated how these are the sort of values that have allowed him to forge invaluable links bonds and trust that have made the process of achieving a day of peace from the Taliban possible. It’s also about the aggregation together of many small acts that will make this initiative succeed that is central to the power of social media that is so ably demonstrated by Peace One Day.

Whilst I can’t be in London for the event at the O2, Jeremy was wonderfully inventive and giving of his time to help us understand how we can all help make Peace One Day happen. We now have plans at Social Media Week Glasgow of how we can celebrate and join in on 21st September 2012, and you can learn how you can, too, here.

Over and above the streamed content that can be seen here, Jeremy also recorded a podcast that can be found here, and it almost goes with out saying that it is a well worth a listen.

On behalf of twintangibles, New Media Corp and all involved with making Social Media Week take place, I would like to thanks Jeremy for coming to Glasgow and kicking Social Media Week off in the best possible way, and thanks to Nokia for helping make that happen.

Hope you like the T-Shirt, Jeremy, you were definitely part of Team Glasgow!

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