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Hello again social media enthusiasts! I hope you’re having a great Social Media Week so far. This is Sheldon from Sysomos, back once again to take a look at how the social media sphere is buzzing about Social Media Week. Using Sysomos Heartbeat I’ve been tracking the conversations going on around the globe on day two of Social Media Week and have a few highlights here to share with you.

First, I thought I’d give an update on the general Social Media Week talk. This includes all mentions through social media of “Social Media Week” and the hashtag “#SMW.”  On Tuesday alone, I found 51 Youtube videos, 70 forum postings, 75 online news articles, 208 blog posts and 3,635 tweets.

I then looked to see where the most buzz about Social Media Week was coming from. The following is a list of the top four countries creating that buzz. The most amount of activity is coming from the US with 27%. Next is Indonesia who created 20% of the buzz. Following that was the UK with 12% and then Brazil with 9%.

Next, I started to dive into some of the conversations happening in our host cities around the world. As I said it would yesterday, the talk about events going on significantly picked up on day two. For example, in Beirut there was a session based around mobile tat seemed to be quite popular. I could tell it was one of the more popular sessions because when I took a look at some of the key conversations coming from Beirut, most of them looked the ones below in which people were talking about new prices to make 3G available to more people there.

Over in Bogota, there seemed to be talk of a few more sessions happening. What’s interesting is that by looking at the buzzgraph I produced from Beirut there seemed to be a lot of talk about how the new digital world can bring people together. I can tell because of the words we see like “digital,” redes” which means network, “conectividad” which means connectivity and “colectivio” which means collective.

I also found some talk of a event in Chicago that I’m actually a bit jealous of those who got to attend. It seems that there was a session on using social media for activism and social good and one of the speakers there was Rhymefest. For those that don’t know, Rhymefest is a rapper (one of my favourites actually) who has always believed in using his celebrity for good. He is now currently running for Alderman in Chicago, but still preaching his philosphy of doing good and making the world a better place.

Up in Vancouver, there was also a lot of talk about the great events going on there. When I pulled up the buzzgraph for this city however there didn’t seem to be just one event that stood out. If we look at the buzzgraph we can see that some of the words are a bit scattered, but all of them together make it sound like Vancouver is having a blast doing Social Meida Week. I won’t highlight anything specific, but take a look at the Vancouver buzzgraph for yourself:

Not all talk was about the sessions though. In Milan I found that people were also talking about all the networking they were doing. In fact, one of the key conversations bellow says that one of the best parts of Social Media Week is the networking with people that they get to do in between events and sessions. Hopefully all the cities are like that.

Now, I’m going to finish off this post with some stats on activity from the individual cities during day two.




Buenos Aries



Los Angeles



Rio De Janeiro

São Paulo


That’s all for me for today. I hope you’re all having a great Social Media Week and I’ll be back again tomorrow with some mid-week updates on all the festivities!

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