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The big day is finally here and today we kick off Social Media Week in 12 cities around the world! Sheldon from Sysomos here and I’ll be your guide to social media monitoring and analytics for this exciting week. If you’ve been following the global blog for the past couple of months I’m sure you’ve seen some posts of mine looking at social media activity in each of our host cities leading up to today. Since Social Media Week is now underway, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how talk of Social Media Week in general has looked leading up to now.

Using two of Sysomos‘ industry leading social media monitoring and analytic softwares, MAP and Heartbeat, I will be digging in to what is happening around the world in terms of Social Media Week. Using information and hashtags provided to me by the global Social Media Week team, I spent the weekend loading up Heartbeat so that I could be prepared to catch as much content as possible through out the week. I’ll be posting daily on the Social Media Week blog interesting stats and information that I find coming from our official 12 host cities, so keep checking back here during the week.

Since today is the first day of Social Media Week, I decided to take a look at some high overview stats around talk of Social Media Week in general. To do so, I built a query that looked like this: smw OR smw11 OR socialmediaweek OR “social media week”. I started off by looking at all the talk of Social Media Week from the end of the last event in February of this year up to last night and found 7,456 blog posts, 2,489 online news articles, 35,120 forum postings and 248,295 tweets.

To make it a little more relevant for today, I did the same search again for just the past month leading up to today’s launch. In that time frame I found 1,367 blog posts, 648 online news articles, 3,546 forum postings and 44,666 tweets about Social Media Week.

Trended out over time, that activity for the last month looks like the chart below. We can see a steady stream of activity coming from all channels. We can also see activity starting to peak at the end of last week as people prepared for today. There looks like a bit of a drop off over the weekend, but that tends to happen on weekends.

I then looked at the geography of where all this activity was coming from. We can see that most of the activity was coming from countries that are home to some of our Social Media Week host cities. The most activity was seen in the United States (35%), but Indonesia is hot on their heels (31.1%). While this information is great to know, it doesn’t really do much visually to see all the activity in a pie chart, so I took to Twitter (because it had the most activity) and plotted out where tweets about Social Media Week were coming from on a map of the world.

Next I pulled up a wordcloud that spans across all the mediums Sysomos covers to see what some of the most popular words being used in association with Social Media Week talk were. It looks like a lot of talk over the past month are reflecting the various events going on for Social Media Week. In the wordcloud we can see a bunch of our cities, some topics that are going to be covered at events and of course, a call to register for the events you’re interested in checking out.

Lastly, for my high overview, I wanted to give you a taste of just how excited people are for this week. To do so, I pulled up the sentiment of all mediums collectively. The positive response and talk is overwhelming and accounts for 56% of all the conversations. That gives Social Media Week a favourable rating of  87%.

Not to leave our Social Media Week host cities out of today’s kick-off post, bellow you can find the social media activity for each of city. Each city has been populated to only find mentions of that specific city’s Social Media Week activity over the last month leading up to last night. To do so, each city has been programmed in Sysomos Heartbeat with hashtags specific to that city and mentions of that city that are found with mentions of Social Media Week.




Buenos Aries



Los Angeles



Rio De Janeiro

São Paulo


Well, that’s it for me for today. Be sure to check back here daily to see my reports on what’s been happening each day throughout Social Media Week.

If you’re in one of our host cities, be sure to get out and enjoy some events. Also, if you’re in Vancouver, Chicago or LA, be sure to come out and see our Sysomos team at events in those cities.

Happy Social Media Week everyone!

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