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Yesterday was our first day of Social Media Week and it started off phenomenally. For those of you worried that you missed out on the great content, you can still catch it- all thanks to our partner, Livestream. As Social Media Week progresses, we’ll recap the day with the top events you can find on Social Media Week Live and let you know which ones to keep an eye out for the next day.
Social Media and Politics
The /R/evolution of Communications
Return on Relationship with Ted Rubin

Your Friends or Mine?

How Do We Communicate Peace? A Talk with Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day
Nokia & CNN: Social Media & the Evolution of Breaking News
Psychology of Social Media

Los Angeles
Celebrities in Social Media
SMWLA Morning Session: Opening & Keynote with Robert Tercek; How to Attract A Social Audience For Interactive TV Hosted by Music Choice; and When Television and Online Dating Hook Up with Twitter

Narrazioni convergenti: socialità e serialità nelle nuove TV
Pronto chi paga? Mobile payment e ticketing, il cellulare diventa un portafoglio on line


Judging from the sessions we’ve seen thus far, Tuesday will be a fantastic day. Keep an eye out for these sessions as the day progresses:

All of Bogota’s top events can be viewed here, including

Social Media In Diplomacy
Lightning Session: US Embassy
Connectivity For the Inclusion of Rural Areas
Social Media to Visualize Social Processes
Learning Blends into Twitter
Forming Digital Citizens

All of Berlin’s top events can be viewed here, including

Wahl Digital: Die Berliner Wahl auf Social Media
SMW Berlin – MAIN EVENT – “Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”

Buenos Aires
You can catch the below events here

Juegos Sociales Mobile: Cómo crear una aplicación exitosa
Mundo Facebook: Social Apps and Social Scalability
Cómo el social media transforma la búsqueda de perfiles profesionales [estudio]
Buscando talento en el Web: Herramientas, buenas prácticas y uso de información pública personal
Liderazgo en tiempos colaborativos

And catch these here
Periodismo y cobertura de elecciones con herramientas Web
Periodismo a partir de Social Media
Socialnomics, la nueva economía basada en redes sociales
Lo que pasa entre las marcas y la gente en las Redes Sociales

Catch these events here

Social Media Policy (Chamber of Commerce)
How to Engage Audiences and Have Fun Doing It
The State of Social Media, Presented by Nielsen
Improvised Innovation: The Chicago Tribune and The Second City
Social Media and The Next Generation

And these here
The Politics of Social Media
Tucker Max in conversation with Julia Allison

You can find the first round of sessions from Glasgow here

Podcasting for business: How to avoid the video nasty!
Soclal Media meets Social Enterprise – the Community wins
Blogging for success
Social Media Has Kidnapped Your Brand: Social Media and Brand Engagement
Google at SMW Glasgow – Bringing Social to Life
Glasgow’s Gaelic Sing-Up feat. Gillebrìde MacMillan and Friends

And the rest here
FilmCamp meets Social Media Week: The Virtuous Circle and strategies for audience engagement
FilmCamp Meets Social Media Week: Blipfoto – Social Networking and The Real World
FilmCamp Meets Social Media Week: Google & YouTube – Making Video Social
Social Media and the Scottish Government

Los Angeles
LA’s sessions can be viewed here

Social Engagement Advertising, hosted by SocialVibe
Mobile Goes Social at The Primetime Emmys
Gaming Power Panel: Trends & Best Practices

Catch these events here

Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere sui social media e che prima o poi dovrete affrontare
Mobile Media, Content & Apps: la rivoluzione del cellulare come strumento per la fruizione dei contenuti
Musica 2.0: promozione, distribuzione, condivisione e partecipazione nell’era digitale
Le maison e l’online

All of Moscow’s events can be viewed here, including

Social Media in Education
Foreign Language Learning with Social Media

Rio de Janeiro
Watch the events in this Latin city here

Oportunidades Cariocas (Opportunities from Rio)
Arte e Cultura nas Mídias Sociais (Art & Culture in Social Media)
A Revolução do Conteúdo – da BBS ao Huffington Post (The Content Revolution)

As the first day closed down, what were the highlights for you? Which events were you able to catch on Social Media Week Live? Share your thoughts with us!

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week

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