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Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology's impact on business, society, and culture.

Guest Author: Jack Mason is a team member of IBM Strategic Programs Team. You can follow him on Twitter at @IBMSocBiz and @JackMason.

Testing a new approach for collaborative intelligence gathering

This experiment in realtime research is a collaboration between Social Media Week and the Strategic Programs team in IBM Global Business Services, and a group of a dozen of their IBMer colleagues. Our goal is to enable Social Media Week participants, and others around the Web, not just to share insights on the emerging nature of commerce, but also to help analyze and filter the results of a small study. We call this approach a Scan, because it aims to rapidly survey the surface sentiment of the thought leaders and influencers pulled into Social Media Week’s orbit.

Why share your voice?
Social Media Week participants are passionate, opinionated, generous and savvy about the many dimensions of social media, and their impact on culture and business. This global gathering is a singular opportunity for your diverse perspectives to be heard — and reflected back to you — in the report we will share at the conclusion of Social Media Week. What’s more, this  collaborative research model could help guide how we might engage with the Social Media Week community in the future. And it also can help inform the kind of deeper and systematic research that IBM regularly conducts, such as our first-ever Chief Marketing Officer Study (being released next month), or the bi-annual Global CEO Study. 

How The Scan Will Work

Each day, from Monday through Thursday, the Scan will pose a new strategic question around different aspects of Social Commerce. Questions will be closed at the end of the day, so be sure to contribute daily. You will be able to browse all the responses to each questions and please share, like, comment and reblog or retweet your favorites. To get a head start on next week, here is the first question for Monday:

One of the central tenets in the emerging idea of “social business” is that people do business with other people, not companies:

How should all aspects of commerce — selling, buying, providing service, developing products and marketing them — become more human? More centered on building and maintaining relationships? More personal and personalized?

Three ways to answer the questions:

  • Use the Ask feature on The Social Business site on Tumblr
  • email with a title in the subject field and your message in the body
  • Tweet to a hashtag #smwQ1

Crowdsource the ranking and analysis of responses:

  • Browse answers to Question 1 and like, share, comment, reblog, or retweet your favorites to help with the filtering and analysis of contributions
  • Tweet or share this link to the Scan daily question:

A new question will be posted daily so bookmark the SMW blog and come back or subscribe via RSS. You can also suggest ideas for questions we should be asking via Twitter with the hashtag #scantips.

Friday Roundup
At the end of Social Media Week, we will share back to you an executive summary with the key themes and trends in your responses, as well as highlights from outstanding submissions. So start Scanning now, and thanks for being part of this adventure in grassroots R&D!

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