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It was a busy week online- with Hurricane Irene capturing our attention to the late week resignation of TechCrunch’s CEO. Catch up with this week’s compilation of some of the biggest news items of the week in various sectors. Send us your tips for next week’s edition!

People & Society
Talking about governments, society and individuals impacting the world:

Egyptians Organize e-Protest For Citizens Tried by Military Courts (via The Next Web)
FEMA Encourages People to Use Social Media Over Phones During Hurricane Irene (via SmartBrief)
Berlin Is Rising in the App-Making Scene (via The Next Web)
For Self-Expression, Users Still Prefer Blogging (via PSFK)
Consumers Earning Over $100,000 More Likely to Engage in Social Media (via SmartBrief)
Oprah to Answer Questions Live On Facebook Sept. 8th (via Mashable)
Michael Arrington of TechCrunch Resigns (via Mashable)

Science & Tech
Talking about the latest in technology and the science world:

Charge Your Phone While Walking (via PSFK)
Robot R2 Tweets From Space (via SmartBrief)
Google Adds Voice Search to its Maps for PC Users (via TechCrunch)
Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype in a Bar (via AllThingsD)
New iPhone 5 Expected to be Smaller and Include Metal Chassis (via The Next Web)
New NASA Web App Puts Space & Time in Your Control (via Mashable)

Entertainment & Gaming
Talking about pop culture and the world of gaming:

SIMS Becomes Fastest Growing Social Game (via Mashable)
The New Gamer is More Social (via All Things D)
MLB Partners with Southwest Airlines to Live Stream Games on Flights (via SmartBrief)
Shazam Now Tags TV Content (via PSFK)
Hulu Launches in Japan (via SmartBrief)
Apple Ends TV Rental Services (via SmartBrief)
YouTube Rolls Out Movie Rentals in Canada (via AllThingsD)
Starz Not Renewing NetFlix Deal (AllThingsD)
Call of Duty Adds $50 Elite Subscription Service (via TechCrunch)
Consumers Prefer Streaming Video Over Transactional Video-on-Demand (via SmartBrief)
Joypad Allows Turns Apple Products Into NES-Style Control Pad (via The Next Web)
Wal-Mart’s Vudu Jumps to Third Most Popular Video Service (via SmartBrief)
New Movie Download Service FlickMe Backed by Sony & Warner Bros. (via SmartBrief)
Comic Books Released Digitally Same-Day as Print (via Mashable)

Art & Culture
Talking about the arts and the latest in culture:

Tumblr Upsets the Fashion World (via SmartBrief)

Business, Media & Communications
Talking news that impacts your business, the latest media trends and basic communications:

Facebook Sees 1 Trillion Page Views in June (via SmartBrief)
Twitter Bringing in More Ads in Your Twitter Stream (via AllThingsD)
AirBnB Launches Sublet Services For Longer Rentals (via AllThingsD)
Webpages with Share Buttons More Likely to be Shared (via AllThingsD)
Time Spent on Google+ by Users is Stalling (via SmartBrief)
Older Facebook Users Click Through on Ads, While Younger Users “Like” (via SmartBrief)
Freemium Business See Growth (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Testing Opting Out Feature for Ads (via SmartBrief)
New App Helps Workspaces with Coffee (via PSFK)
Google’s First Deal Placement on Homepage with Comment (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Offers Chrome PlugIn for “Like” Button (via TechCrunch)
Twitter Adds New “Post Tweets to Facebook” Option in User Profiles (via The Next Web)
Apple Launches Student Jobs Website, Offering Internships and Jobs to Recent Grads (via The Next Web)
SimplyMeasured Compares Engagement to Competitors (via Mashable)
Facebook Adds In-Stream Ads (via The Next Web)
Samsung to Launch ChatON, Cross-Platform Mobile Chat Service (via TechCrunch)
New Social Media Search Tool Prolifiq Crowdsources Search Results (via The Next Web)
Financial Times Removes App From iTunes Due to Apple Subscription Model (via AllThingsD)
New Chrome App Provides Offline Access to Gmail, Google Docs, & Google Calendar (via TechCrunch)
New Tool, Joint, Allows for Group Chat on Twitter (via TechCrunch)
New Mentos Campaign Offers Guidance for “Vain & Boring” Facebook Friends (via Mashable)
Developers Pushed to Use AdSense for Mobile Ads (via TechCrunch)
You Can Now Ignore People on Google+ (via Mashable)

Talking about the latest tech news in education:

More Educators Turning to Social Media for Tools (via SmartBrief)
Google+ May Come to K-12 Schools (via SmartBrief)

Talking about the music trends:

Spotify Goes Mobile (via PSFK)
Facebook Making the Move to Offer Online Music (via SmartBrief)
iTunes Music From Apple’s New Coud Still Requires Downloading (via AllThingsD)
New Mobile Karaoke App, StarMaker, is Released (via AllThingsD)

Global Change & the Environment
Talking about innovation in philanthropy, charity, the environment, and corporate social responsibility:

Two Companies Move to Turn Trash Into BioFuel (via TechCrunch)
11 Sites for Citizen Journalists (via The Next Web)
Medify Culls Medical Research, Visually Explaining Diagnoses (via Mashable)
How Nonprofits Are Using Internet Memes & Pop Culture (via Mashable)
Troops Can Use Gmail to Call Home (via Mashable)

Did we miss anything? Which stories are impacting you the  most? Let us know.

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