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Fashion is personal and something we often share with friends.

As someone who loves fashion and has a passion for mobile apps and social media, it only made sense that this post be about fashion and style apps.

Below is a list of some of the free apps any fashion-conscious person should have on their mobile device. app app Find ready-to-wear and couture fashion shows dating back a few years. The app also features latest shows and reviews. For those of us who have always wanted to, but never could – the app makes it possible to view runway videos with feedback from the top shows. There is also a social component. It allows users to share their favorite designs with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Users can also vote on the best look of the day and instantly view results to see which outfit is winning. It would be great if there was a social component added here as well, allowing me to share results on Facebook and Twitter– more so, share the ‘Look of the Day’ competition.

It doesn’t stop there. There is also a great blog, detailing the latest happenings in fashion. Simply fabulous! What is missing though, is the ability to comment, like, tweet, or +1 any of the posts. A missed opportunity- as I am certain my fashion conscious friends would be interested in the blog as well. Definitely an app I would recommend to others to download and to enjoy!


Zara: While I like the clothing this retailer carries- a lot- it seems the mobile app fell short. Depending where you are located in the world, buying via the mobile app is not possible. Canada is one of these locations unfortunately. While I can view a list of their products, I don’t have the ability to purchase. I can’t even share the products that I like with friends on any social network or add to a wish list.

It does allow for me to locate the nearest store based on GPS/where I am located; however, I think there are a couple of features that would have been great to also include here. There is no ability to get directions to any of the identified locations. As well, give me a way to find out if the item I am interested in is available at any of the nearby locations. If the app allowed me to login via Twitter and Facebook and share items with these friends, there could have also been an opportunity to let me know if any of my friends bought or liked something similar – avoid us wearing the same outfit on the same day.

For a reputable, established and successful retailer, it’s a shame that their mobile app feels like nothing more than a simplified catalogue – perhaps a better experience for someone outside of Canada.


Net-a-porter app

Net-a-porter app

H&M: Affordable and trendy fashion can be yours… on the go! Share your favorite items with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Have a list of items you love but just can’t afford at this time? Don’t fret, create a wishlist and share it with friends. Perhaps they can purchase the items for you instead.

While you can shop via the app, it still provides directions to the nearest store. Before heading over, shake your phone for a surprise offer that you can redeem in-store. It would be great if the app could detect when I am near my local H&M and send me offers to be used straight away rather than having to remember to shake my devise. Also, notify me if a friend is nearby, so we can connect and start shopping together. It is always better to shop with another fashionista!


Stylish Girl: This definitely is the perfect app. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Stylish Girl is my on-the-go fashion store, organizer and planner. There’s even a ‘fashion lounge’ where you can get the latest fashion news every day.

Ever wonder what fabulous outfit is hidden in your closet? With the app, you can create fabulous outfits with the clothes in your closet. Simply take pictures of your clothes then mix and match.

The fashion mall is an easy (maybe too easy) way to shop for the items you love from various fashion online retailers right from your mobile phone. Within minutes you can have an entire outfit picked out and purchased. Not ready to buy the items you love? No problem, simply add these items to your ‘wish bag’ and share with friends. You can even add these items to your closet and see if they go with any of your other clothes, accessories or shoes. How great to determine this before making a commitment to purchase?

My favorite feature of this app – the ‘suitcase’ – is exactly what it sounds like. Before taking apart your closet, item-by-item, you can rely on the app to help decide what to bring on your next vacation and what stays behind. Simply select items from your closet and add to your closet or select the outfits you want to bring. Great way to ensure your bring exactly what you want. What would make this even better is if the app could ‘recommend’ what to pack based on some of the items selected from my closet and help me complete the outfits or better yet, recommend outfits based on items from my closet and where I am planning to go.


Shopstyle app


Net-a-porter: By far, one of my favorite fashion website and now has become a favorite luxury fashion app. A brilliant looking shopping app with a selection of items from the most coveted fashion designers. As you are viewing the different items, you can share your favorites with friends. This is perhaps a good way to get a second opinion before spending on luxury items?

Shop  the brands you love whenever and wherever you are… straight from your mobile device. Where I think it fell short is with the magazine component. It seemed more like a photo gallery than a magazine. What was missing also was description of each of the items displayed. Another great feature that would have been great to see is the ability to add any items to my wishlist.


Shopholler: Can’t decide if the McQueen handbag goes with your outfit or which iPad 2 sleeve would best suit you? No need to decide on your own – Shopholler is a mobile app that lets you reach out to your friends for shopping advice whenever you need them, wherever you are, in real-time. Simply take a picture of the item you are not sure about and send them to your friends on Facebook or Twitter – attaching a poll to the photo; asking for their opinion/feedback. Shopping with friends has never been so easy. An app that does a great job at keeping the shopping experience social and understanding the importance of a friend’s opinion on things you love and want.


StyleJury: Turning your Facebook friends into your personal stylists – this app will help you make the best fashion decisions with the help of the people you trust most… your friends! Simply take a photo, login with Facebook and then start selecting the Friends whose opinions you want – asking them whatever it is you need to know about the item at hand. This app does a great job at leveraging the opinions (and influence) of friends when making purchase decisions.


Di Gallo is a the Social Media Partnerships Director at Rogers and a contributor to the Social Media Week Global Editorial Team based in Canada. The opinions expressed here are her own. Follow her on twitter @digallo

Di Gallo

Director, Social Media, Indigo


Twitter & Instagram | @digallo A self-confessed online shopaholic in the social media space. I have a love for music, film, television, fashion, books, glossies and museums. Thanks to Netflix I find it difficult to watch any television series that won't allow me to binge watch. And, I do love me a damn fine cup of coffee.

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