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Leading off today is the first of a few posts that recap some of the contributions of the major partners of Social Media Week September 2011. Today’s focus is on Social Media Week Global Headline Sponsor Nokia, who helped power the conference globally and across many of our markets.

Working with Nokia we collectively agreed that their participation in Social Media Week needed to focus on creating goodwill, providing value for our attendees and on making the experience better, richer and more fun.  This video is a really tremendous example of how this was achieved:


Through its “Random Acts of Kindness” efforts, Nokia was able to provide some very cool incentives for attendees across six of the SMW cities, from phones to get-well kits to customized drawings of user tweets.

Possibly most cool of these all was the Nokia Gift Machine in Glasgow–featured here on Engadget–that dispensed all kinds of goodies (including N8 phones!) to people who checked-in to the machine via Foursquare.

Awesome as the Random Acts of Kindness were, Nokia also contributed to the conference in three additionally significant ways:

  • SMW RealTime:  Powered by#NokiaConnects and focused on bringing people together around the world
  • Social Media Week Live:  Making SMW content available globally for as many people as possible
  • SMW Local:  Participation in the content and conversation in multiple cities throughout the week


Perhaps the most significant of these efforts was Nokia’s collaboration with Social Media Week on the development of the SMW RealTime app (at that powered the conference, providing attendees with a way to track their schedule, follow specific sessions, discover new events and follow the real-time conversation of other participants in all 12 cities and around the globe–72,000 tweets and 6,000 Foursquare check-ins worldwide. The app also provided a great way for event organizers in all 12 cities to project real-time data about their event on large screens in both a global and local view.


Additionally, Nokia made it possible for people around the world to catch SMW events that they weren’t able to attend in person by powering Social Media Week Live, the streaming platform through SMW partner With over 180 SMW events streamed live and 65,000 unique streams totally 2.2 million viewer minutes, this was a significant contribution to the SMW experience this September.



Lastly, as a truly global organization Nokia was able to contribute to content and conversation on a significant level, with involvement in nearly 20 events across six cities, including local sponsorship of the conferences in Berlin, Beirut and Milan. A sampling of some the highlights are included below–click on the event titles to watch archived videos of the sessions:

Nokia & CNN at SMW Glasgow: Social Media and The Evolution of Breaking News”
Nokia Global Director of Digital and Social Media Craig Hepburn (@CraigHepburn) joined this discussion with Peter Bale of CNN to discuss how social media has impacted Nokia and how global brands are responding to digital trends.

Always On, Always Connected, Always Local
Adam Mirabella (@AdamMirabella), Global Director of Digital Marketing at Nokia, joined this panel to highlight the social conversations taking place on digital and mobile tech- and its impact on consumers and their purchases.

Keynote: Gabe Zichermann on Gamification, hosted by Nokia
Looking at the new arena of gamification and its purpose in fund-raising, enjoyment enhancement and location-based services. Hosted by Nokia, this session brought in Gabe Zichermann of the Gamification Summit and Workshops with Wooga’s Sina Kamala Kaufmann and Willempje Vrins.

Location and Social Space, hosted by Nokia
Sylvain Grande of Nokia Maps and Digital Marketing Manager Alex Oberberg (@AlexOberberg) reviewed location-based services, using Nokia’s Checkin Reward Campaign as a case study.

“The Mobile Marketing Revolution- Gimmick or Here to Stay?”
Global Director of Digital Marketing of Nokia, Adam Mirabella participated in this panel covering mobile marketing. From QR codes to ROI, this session presented examples that have worked and lessons that the community can learn from. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamMirabella.

“Hunt the Icons”, a scavenger hunt sponsored by Nokia
A treasure hunt in the center of Milan during the final day of the festival, where teams were given a Nokia N8 and had to interpret the clues scattered throughout Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, reach different goals and to check in before the others to win a Nokia 500 phone.

“When Nokia Engages with the Audience: Success Stories”
Creative firm 1000Heads joined Tania Retief, Social Media Communications Manager at Nokia, and Nokia’s Digital Marketing Manager, Antoine Naaman (@_Ant1_), to highlight some of their favorite consumer collaboration stories and how they involve you, the customer, in the process.

I am really happy to make this happen in Berlin: so far, one of my best professional experiences at Nokia. Pino Bonetti,  Ovi by Nokia Blog Editor in Chief


As you can see, Nokia’s contributions to the week–from apps, to ideas, to just helping people–were huge and went a long way toward making the week the success that it was. We leave you with this video from Irkafirka, who worked with Nokia to contribute random acts of kindness by illustrating user tweets for them.

Ben Scheim

Global Director, Social Media Week


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