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Last week the tech and online world was shocked by the death of Steve Jobs. Online communities took to sharing their favorite memories and left many wondering if we’d ever see such ingenuity and charisma again. From his death and tribute to recent studies tracking our use of social media and the upcoming elections in the US, we’ve compiled all you need to know:
People & Society
Talking about governments, society and individuals impacting the world:

Central America & Startups (via The Next Web)
New Online Platform Votizen Connects Voters & Officials (via PSFK)
Affluent Families More Likely to Engage in Social Media Than Affluent Families without Kids (via SmartBrief)
US Protesters Using Anonymous & Self-Destructing Message App, Vibe (via The Next Web)
European Commission Wants Networks to Do More to Protect Children Online (via The Next Web)
2012 Elections Gain Momentum With Online Platforms (via Mashable)
Facebook Pages of Students Can Help Detect Those At-Risk of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Problems (via SmartBrief)
Children Increasingly More Comfortable Downloading Content But Prefer Physical Packaging (via SmartBrief)
The Public Mourns and Remembers Steve Jobs (via Mashable)
Twitter Endorses NYC as Tech Center (via TechCrunch)

Science & Tech
Talking about the latest in technology, applications, and the science world:

Artificial Leaf Produce Electricity from Water (via PSFK)
New Printer Uses Solar Energy to Print Without Ink (via PSFK)
Apple Releases Voice Assistant Siri (via Mashable)
What’s New In the iPhone 4S (via AllThingsD)
Google’s Our Mobile Planet Opens Smartphone Data to All (via TechCrunch)

Entertainment & Gaming
Talking about pop culture and the world of gaming:

MTV Remakes Self for Next Generation- Moves Away From Reality Shows (via SmartBrief)
SyFy Channel Sets Sights on NYC for Halloween Events (via SmartBrief)
YouTube Secures Professionals, Including Tony Hawk (via SmartBrief)
Google Search Queries Predict Gaming Success (via SmartBrief)
NPR Brings On ‘Sesame Street’ Exec As Chief (via SmartBrief)
Fox Ruled September’s Social TV (via Mashable)
Microsoft XBox to Stream Cable Services (via AllThingsD)
Foursquare Partnership with ESPN Pulls Game Info After Check-In (via SmartBrief)
Correlation Revealed Between Social Buzz and Viewership (via Mashable)
Univision Comes to Hulu (via Mashable)
YouTube Offers Movie Rentals in UK (via TechCrunch)

Art & Culture
Talking about the arts and the latest in culture, publishing and fashion:

Politifact Brings Fact-Checking to Print (via TechCrunch)
Macy’s Launches ‘True Fit’ Technology (via Mashable)
Wanderfly Partners With NYT for Travel Recommendations (via PSFK)
HSN Incorporates QR Codes (via Mashable)

Business, Media & Communications
Talking news that impacts your business, the latest media trends and basic communications:

HTC Security Flaw Can Expose Your Data (via Mashable)
Klout Adds WordPress to Algorithm (via Mashable)
HuffPo at 1B Monthly Page Views, Expanding (via AllThingsD)
Google Opens London Pop-Up Shop, Chromebook (via SmartBrief)
New Facebook Insights Measures Word of Mouth (via SmartBrief)
Facebook-based Network Builder, BranchOut, Expands to CareerBuilder (via TechCrunch)
Daily Deal Sites Less Beneficial to Merchants (via SmartBrief)
Twitter Moves to Aggregate Content Discovery Through Micro-Location (via The Next Web)
Steelcase Places QR Codes on Chairs to Educate Consumers (via PSFK)
Movenbank Moves to be First Cardless Bank (via PSFK)
CircleMe: New Social Networking Site Based on Your Interests
Patagonia Tells Consumers “Buy Less!” (via HBR)
Apple Joins the Location-Based Scene with “Find My Friends” App (via PSFK)
Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” Program in Australia Customizes Bottles (via PSFK)
BankSimple Provides Online Banking Alternative (via The Next Web)
Photo-Sharing Site LiveFeed Adds News Feed & Groups (via TechCrunch)
Global Ad Revenues from Social Networking Sites to Reach $5.4B This Year (via TechCrunch)
Sprint Offers Unlimited Data for iPhone (via Mashable)
Facebook Offers Translation Tool (via Mashable)
PepsiCo Selects 10 Startups to Pilot New Marketing Projects (via Mashable)
AirBnB Offers Free Professional Photography to Renters (via Mashable)
SellAnApp: One-Stop-Shop for Creating Apps (via The Next Web)
SocialBro Becomes Chrome Extension App (via The Next Web)
Less Than 1% Of Facebook Active Users Engage (via The Next Web)

Talking about the music trends:

Online Tools Are Changing the Way Musicians Market (via SmartBrief)
Sean Parker Joins Twitter- To Promote Upcoming Video Service AirTime? (via Mashable)
MySpace Reveals Hand & Desire to Become #1 Community Music Hub (via AllThingsD)
Music Matters Less to Youth (via HBR)
EventSound Hacks Your Facebook to Create Perfect Playlist Based on Facebook Preferences (via PSFK)

Global Change & the Environment
Talking about innovation in philanthropy, health, the environment, & corporate social responsibility:

Dulex Partners With UNICEF to Sell Paint Colors To Fundraise for Children (via PSFK)
Google Brings Solar Panel Rental to Homeowners (via PSFK)
Starbucks to Donate $100k Annually to Low-Income Areas to Spur Job Growth (via SmartBrief)
Starbucks Offers Free WiFi in UK (via The Next Web)
Online Communities Offer $20k To Help Startup Founder Find Bone Marrow Donor (via TechCrunch)
ZeroFootPrint Helps Schools Go Green (via TechCrunch)

Just for Fun
Sexy Chicken Takes Off (via Mashable)
Portlandia Depicts Tech Overload (via PSFK)

Did we miss anything? Which stories surprised you this week? Let us know.

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