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It’s been a big couple of weeks- even outside of Social Media Week. This edition of What You Need To Know covers everything from the new Facebook changes to recent US laws, changing the way you can market stateside. Check them all out below:

All Things Facebook
Talking about the lastest changes:

Auto-posting Reduces Feedback by 70% (via InsideFacebook)
Facebook Responds to Accusations Facebook Tracks Users When Are Logged Out (via Mashable)
Mobile Noticeably Absent During f8 Announcements (via AllThingsD)
Facebook’s Ticker Keeps Facebook Social, Giving Brands More Exposure (via SmartBrief)
Brand Pages Will Focus on Stories Around Products and Services (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Removes Bug That Enabled Users to See Who Defriended Whom (via Mashable)
Facebook to Launch iPad App Oct. 5 (via Mashable)
Facebook Integrating More Social Apps (via SmartBrief)
What Facebook Can Teach HR (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Timeline for Pages (via Mashable)
MyFBCover Brings MySpace to Facebook (via TechCrunch)
How to Take Control of Your Privacy (via Mashable)

People & Society
Talking about governments, society and individuals impacting the world:

68% of US Women Communicate via Social Media (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Filed to Form Political Action Committee to Advocate for Social Networks (via Mashable)
Compare Viewpoints with Candidates on TwoSides (via Mashable)
The Onion’s Hostage Tweets Draw Criticism (via SmartBrief)

Science & Tech
Talking about the latest in technology, applications, and the science world:

New Study Reconstructs Internal Images While Watching YouTube (via SmartBrief)
Smartphone App Helps Direct Around Traffic Lights To Reduce Idle Time (via PSFK)

Entertainment & Gaming
Talking about pop culture and the world of gaming:

Big Brands Succeeding in Facebook Gaming (via SmartBrief)
YouTube Set to Release Scheduled Content in 2012 (via SmartBrief)
Dreamworks Comes to Netflix (via AllThingsD)
US Consumers Prefer 3D over HD (via SmartBrief)
Amazon Prime Partners with Fox (via SmartBrief)
Disney App Turns iPad into Race Track (via AllThingsD)
Pixar Uses Photo Blog to Promote Next Film (via Mashable)
Sports Illustrated Buys Promotional Space in “Need for Speed” (via Mashable)
Time Warner Looks to Develop Social Aggregator for TV (via SmartBrief)
A&E Uses Facebook to Connect Fans to Celebs (via Mashable)
Warner Bros to Launch Aim High- Pulling Info From Your Facebook Profile (via Mashable)
56% of Web Viewers Still Tune into Primetime TV (via SmartBrief)
Mobile App Use Trumps TV and Web Surfing During Day (via AllThingsD)

Art & Culture
Talking about the arts and the latest in culture and fashion:

Piictu Creates Visual Networks (via Mashable)
Travel Apps Leading the Way on the iPad (via AllThingsD)
Designer Rebecca Minkoff Develops 1st Print Ad with Fans’ Instragram Photos (via Mashable)
Samsung Looks to Bring Art to Homes Electronically (via SmartBrief)

Business, Media & Communications
Talking news that impacts your business, the latest media trends and basic communications:

Facebook Partners With U.S. Dept of Commerce to Give Away Advertising Credits to Small Businesses (via SmartBrief)
Ford & GM Used as First Google+ Business Pages (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Monopolizes Users’ Time Online (via AllThingsD)
DataXu Launches DX Social & Merkle Launches Merkle Social to Measure Social ROI (via SmartBrief)
Tumblr Use Skyrockets (via SmartBrief)
HTC Drops Facebook Button in China (via TechCrunch)
Facebook To Work With Production Companies but Not Create Content (via SmartBrief)
Google+ Enables Sharing of Circles (via Mashable)
New App From Kobo Lets You See Who Is Reading With You (via Mashable)
Virgin America Gives Prizes to SFO Loopt Users (via SmartBrief)
New Google App Turns Smartphone Into a Wallet (via SmartBrief)
Return on Influence as a Metric (via Harvard Business Review)
Google+ Traffic Grows 13x Post Beta (via Mashable)
130-Character Tweets Are the Magic Number (via SmartBrief)
Tablet Users More Likely to Make Online Purchases (via SmartBrief)
Groupon Offers Loyalty Program (via AllThingsD)
Cross-Platform Exposure is Best (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Will Spur Social Shopping (via Mashable)
More Retailers Equipping Staff with Mobile Devices (via SmartBrief)
Kred Set to Launch & Compete with Klout (via SmartBrief)

Talking about the latest tech news in education:
African Leadership Academy Seeks Out African Innovators (via SmartBrief)

Talking about the music trends:

Spotify Requires New Users to Register Via Facebook (via TechCrunch)
Music Video Gaming Declines (via Mashable)
New App Crowdsource Musical Pick-Me-Up for Emotional Issues (via PSFK)
Gibson Launches Firebird X- A Computer Inside a Guitar (via TechCrunch)
Oct. 8 Michael Jackson Tribute Concert to Stream Live on Facebook- But Pay-Per-View (via AllThingsD)
Streaming Music Services Reduce Piracy (via SmartBrief)

Global Change & the Environment
Talking about innovation in philanthropy, charity, health, the environment, and corporate social responsibility:

50/50 Uses Digital To Raise Relief Funds for African Famine (via PSFK)
Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Changes to Drive Real Action (via Beth Kanter)
In Effort To Be More Green, NASCAR Switches to Ethanol Blends (via PSFK)
Healthtapp App Connects Users to Doctors for Health Questions (via PSFK)
Crisis Tracker Tracks LRA Atrocities in Africa (via Mashable)
GlassesOff Trains Eyes to Read Sans Glasses (via PSFK)
Nike Expands Green Startup Investments (via TechCrunch)

Did we miss anything? Which stories surprised you this week? Let us know.

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