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It’s not uncommon for many well-known brands to have multiple people managing their Twitter accounts, with handling online communities being the sole responsibility for these individuals. On occasion, there are slip-ups- think the Red Cross’ social media intern beer tweet– but for the most part, these individuals carry the voice for the brand. However, most individuals and even celebrities prefer to tweet on their own. In the instances where celebrities have been discovered to not be the originator of the tweets, controversy has ensured- flashback to Hugh Jackman and his infamous Opera House tweet.

This week, Twitter star Ashton Kutcher made a big snafu- tweeting inappropriately about the Joe Paterno incident going on at Penn State here in the US. Following the backlash, Kutcher announced that he was turning over his account to a media company. This decision was made, in his words, because Twitter had become a mass publishing platform and his collection of 8 million followers should not be taken lightly.

This has spurred more outrage. Should personal accounts be managed by the individuals personally or does it make sense for celebrities and high-profile individuals to outsource it to a third-party to protect against PR mistakes? Share your thoughts on this topic in more detail. Join us on Thursday, November 17th at 12pm ET by using #TweetDebate.

Note that we will be skipping our regular debate next week in observance of US Thanksgiving.

Photo by Robert Scoble.

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week

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