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In our weekly recap of news from Monday, October 31st to Sunday, November, 6th, we’ve compiled the top highlights for you, with even a little bit of fun. Let us know which stories impacted you most:

People & Society
Talking about governments, society and individuals impacting the world:

Transit Cell Phone Etiquette in Seoul & Taipei (via AllThingsD)
EU Requires All Countries To Devote 800MHz To Wireless Broadband By 2013 (via SmartBrief)
App Shows What 7 Billion People Means (via Mashable)
Rhode Island Calls For Ideas & Pitches to Help Residents (via American Express OpenForum)
FCC Enacting Stronger Disclosure Plan for Political Ads in USA (via SmartBrief)
People More Trusting of Friends of Friends Through Facebook (via AllThingsD)
US White House Petitioned by Public Against E-PARASITE Bill (via Mashable)
American Families Spend Most of Annual Income on Housing (via PSFK)
US Congress Passes Crowdfunding Bill for Start-ups (via AllThingsD)

Science & Tech
Talking about the latest in technology, mobile, applications, and the science world:

Apple’s New 15-Inch Air? (via The Next Web)
Build a Social Timeline with Timekiwi (via The Next Web)
New Start-Up Gulu Provides Intentional Broadcasting for Event Planning (via TechCrunch)
Is the Gmail Native iPhone App Coming? (via The Next Web)
Adjusting Time Zone Setting May Fix iOS 5 iPhone Battery Issue (via Mashable)
Sony Develops Personal 3D Headset (via SmartBrief)
New App SaveUp Offers Rewards for Saving Users (via PSFK)
Wireless Spectrum Becoming Increasingly Strained As Mobile Increases (via SmartBrief)
62% of 25-34 Year Olds Own a SmartPhone, With Android Leading (via AllThingsD)
38% of US Mobile Users Download Apps (via SmartBrief)

Entertainment & Gaming
Talking about pop culture, sports, publishing, and the world of gaming:

Charlie Sheen To Return to FX (via SmartBrief)
Stray Boots Offers Text-Enabled Scavenger Hunt (via PSFK)
Product Placement Comes to Gaming (via SmartBrief)
CanIStream.it Lets Users Know Where to Find Video Content (via TechCrunch)
Football Club Manchester United Set to Build Social Media Network (via SmartBrief)
EA Becoming Major Social Gaming Contender (via SmartBrief)
Japanese Social Gaming Company DeNA Buys Japanese Pro Baseball Team (via The Next Web)
Jennifer Lopez Working With MTV in New Sitcom (via SmartBrief)
Zediva Receives Injunction, Permanently Discontinuing Video-Streaming Service (via Mashable)

Art & Culture
Talking about the arts and the latest in culture, tourism, food, and fashion:

Stray Boots Offers Text-Enabled Scavenger Hunt (via PSFK)
CakeStyle Offers Personal Shopping Service for Women (via TechCrunch)
Tweat.it Helps New Yorkers Find Food Trucks (via PSFK)
Macy’s Uses Celebrity Pull for MBlog (via SmartBrief)
3D Scanners Provide Custom-Fit Jeans (via Mashable)
TimeOut NYC Partners With Foursquare for Best Of (via SmartBrief)

Business, Media & Communications
Talking news that impacts your business, the latest media trends, marketing and basic communications:

Consumers More Accepting of Video Ads in Premium Content (via SmartBrief)
More Businesses Offering Virtual Job Fairs (via SmartBrief)
Tumblr’s Growing Spam Problem (via TechCrunch)
Mentos Campaign Removes Negative Tweets (via PSFK)
More Facebook Fans Seeing Brands But At Lower Frequency (via SmartBrief)
Apple To Enhance Holiday Shopping Experience, Including Enabling Purchase Through iOS Devices (via The Next Web)
Growth in China Driving HTC Sales (via Mashable)
Coffe & Power Allows Users to Buy & Sell Small Tasks (via AllThingsD)
Fewer Consumers Buying Preferred Brands As Economy Staggers (via SmartBrief)
New Gmail Unveiled with Better Themes and Search (via The Next Web)
China Becomes Second-Largest Mobile App Market (via The Next Web)
Hoseanna Branches Into Monthly Convenience Delivery for Females (via Mashable)
Google to Begin Indexing Facebook Comments for Real-Time Search Results (via SmartBrief)
PayPal To Launch Wallet For Offline Payments (via Mashable)
Baby Boomers Leading Online Sales at 70% (via SmartBrief)
What You Need to Know About the New Gmail Features (via Mashable)
Young Professionals Value Social Media Access & Flex Work Environments Over Salary (via SmartBrief)
Twitter Tests “Top News” and “Top People” In Search (via Mashable)
KLM Uses Crew As Human Alphabet To Respond to Consumers’ Tweets (via PSFK)
Brazilian Media Group RBS Launches Competition for 12 Brazilian Start-ups (via The Next Web)
Yahoo Launches Social Sentiment Slider for Stories (via SmartBrief)
A Higher Klout Score May Extend Life of a Tweet 67% (via Mashable)

Talking about the music trends:

GarageBand Comes to the iPhone (via Mashable)
EMI Opens Catalog to Develops for Apps for Artists (via The Next Web)

Talking about all things related to education and public learning:

iPad Gaining in the Classroom (via AllThingsD)

Global Change & the Environment
Talking about innovation in philanthropy, health, the environment, & corporate social responsibility:

Climate Change Hackathon Commences (via PSFK)
The Eatery Photo App Teaches Users About Their Personal Eating Habits (via TechCrunch)
Jawbone’s Up Bracelet Measures Sleep & Exercise (via Mashable)
Mr. Clean Joins Movember To Raise Awareness Regarding Cancer (via Mashable)
Student-Designed App Tracks Real-Time Driving and Promotes Safer Driving (via PSFK)
4 Ways Tech Can Improve Recycling (via Mashable)

Just for Fun
Google’s Time-lapsed Halloween Doodle (via Mashable)

Did we miss anything? Which stories surprised you this week? Let us know.

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