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Each year, there are dozens of faces behind the scenes helping make Social Media Week possible. And we want to highlight some of these individuals that have stood out. Today, we’re introducing you to Kelly Raeds from Social Media Week Berlin with their reception and A/V needs.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I just graduated in June in the Banaba International Business Management. I was in New York for 3 months, and there I got the social media bug. I attended several conferences and events at that time. When I was back in Belgium, I felt like I was in a prehistorical era. I looked out for social media events in Belgium, but it is rather limited, so I came to Social Media Week and other events where I asked to volunteer. I have this passion for social media and new technology, and I’m in search of job that combines this with my international vibe. In the meantime, I’ve been back in New York because I met the CEO of indiegogo at SMW Berlin and volunteered as Assistant in Content and Community.

2. What interested you in volunteering?
I was planning to attend the event anyway, but when I saw the volunteer button I thought it would be better to get to know people because I’m not from Berlin- getting in touch with attendants and speakers easier. Being part of Social Media Week on a organizational/volunteering level would also look good on my resume too.

3. What was your highlight from the experience?
Getting to know people with the similar interests and meeting a CEO. I was then able to help in New York at his company for a time. And a great experience: I was one of the lucky ones who got a little present from Nokia. They followed my tweets, and I was so surprised that I got a small souvenir from them- a Buddy Bear.

4. What did you learn?
Because I was volunteering at several events, I especially got to know what people like and dislike at events- and that there are cultural differences. In my opinion, the best organization of events was in NYC- where they focus on networking as part of hosting an event.

5. Are you volunteering for the next SMW?
I will think about it, especially if it is in another city. :)

Thanks again to Kelly for her hard work and time during September. You can catch her on Twitter at @kellyraeds or on her blog. And if you know an amazing volunteer that we should feature, please let us know!

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