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Last week was a busy week- with the AT&T merger taking the limelight, Pay a Blogger Day and Black Friday in the US taking the lead in headlines. We’ve compiled it all for you, with even a little bit of fun. Let us know which stories impacted you most:

People & Society
Talking about governments, society and individuals impacting the world:

Pay A Blogger Day Encourages People to Pay For Content They Love (via Mashable)
4.74 Friends Separate You From Anyone Else (via AllThingsD)
Arabic Is Fastest Growing Language on Twitter (via The Next Web)
Sleep Texting Occurring in Youth (via PSFK)

Science & Tech
Talking about the latest in technology, mobile, applications, and the science world:

4sqwifi Displays Local WiFi and Passwords (via TechCrunch)
Static Electricity From Conveyor Belts At Security Checks Could Damage Kindle (via Mashable)
Displair Allows Users To Affect Holographic Images (via TechCrunch)
FCC Stops AT&T and T-Mobile Merger (via Mashable) Builds Facial Recognition Mobile App (via TechCrunch)
China Becomes Largest Smartphone Market (via TechCrunch)

Entertainment & Gaming
Talking about pop culture, sports, publishing, and the world of gaming:

CaptainU Builds Student-Athlete Performance Tracking (via AllThingsD)
Arrested Development Comes to Netflix (via SmartBrief)
Fandango Launches Digital Ticketing At Select Locations (via PSFK)
3DTV Sales Rise But Content Viewing Scarce (via SmartBrief) Incorporates QR Codes In Publishing (via TechCrunch)
54% of US Readers Access Magazine Content Via Web or Mobile (via SmartBrief)
Social Media Revives “The Muppets” (via Mashable)
AMC Launches Interest-Based Keyword Campaign (via SmartBrief)
Over Half of Viewers Watch Content Online (via SmartBrief)

Art & Culture
Talking about the arts and the latest in culture, tourism, food, and fashion:

Arts Orgs Benefiting From Digital & Social Media (via Beth Kanter)
Tampa, FL Mayor Creates Foursquare Tour of City (via The Next Web)
Hester Street Collaborative Uses Art to Build Community (via PSFK)
Blow Up Instagram Photos With Canvaspop (via TechCrunch)
Fondu= Foursquare for Foodies (via TechCrunch)
TripAdvisor Provides Offline Access for Travelers (via AllThingsD)

Business, Media & Communications
Talking news that impacts your business, the latest media trends, marketing and basic communications:

Case Study of Google+ As Action Engine (via The Next Web)
Vertical Acuity Launches Content Syndication Platform (via Mashable)
Google+ Releases Trending Topics (via TechCrunch)
Domino’s Pizza Hero Lets Consumers Design & Order Pizza on iPad (via Mashable)
World’s Largest Apple Store To Open in Grand Central Station, NYC (via Mashable)
Visa Partners with Shopkick for Customer Reward Points (via PSFK)
GE Opens Instagram Competition For Their Next Photographer (via The Next Web)
Facebook Fan Worth $10 (via SmartBrief)
Facebook Launches Sponsored Stories in Ticker (via Mashable)
Flout Lets You Score Your Influence (via The Next Web)
Microsoft Creates Accelerator Program For Kinect & Hackers (via PSFK)
Porn Companies File Suit in US Over .XXX Web Segregation (via Mashable)
Foursquare Check-ins Highlight US Black Friday Trends (via PSFK) Partners With LinkedIn For Entrepreneurs (via TechCrunch)
TweepsMap Shows Where Twitter Followers Are Located (via Mashable)
Twitter Partnering With Japan’s Mixi (via The Next Web)
Klout Now Incorporating Google+ (via TechCrunch)
Groupon Deal Backfires for UK Bakery (via Mashable)
Target Leads in Black Friday Engagement (via SmartBrief)
AT&T Asks Consumers To Make Their T-Mobile Case In Exchange For a Smartphone (via Mashable)
Socialdex Provides Virtual Rolodex (via The Next Web)

Talking about the music trends:

TuneIn Sees More Usage Than Pandora & Spotify (via AllThingsD)
Grooveshark To Be Sued by Universal Music Group (via The Next Web)
HTC Creates Facebook Competition for Music Fans (via PSFK)
Roqbot Incorporates Shoppers’ Music Preferences Into Store Playlists (via PSFK)

Talking about all things related to education and public learning:
1 in 5 Teachers Experience CyberBaiting (via Mashable)

Global Change & the Environment
Talking about innovation in philanthropy, health, the environment, & corporate social responsibility:

NGO’s Battle for .NGO Exclusivity (via Beth Kanter)
Facebook Canada Hosts Youth Hack-A-Thon for Free the Children (via Mashable)
Recyclebank Combines Social Gaming With Green Actions (via PSFK)
Kesea Offers Employees a Gaming Platform for Health (via SmartBrief)
GoodSpotting Launches (via Beth Kanter)

Just for Fun

OneHelloWorld Creates a PostSecret For Your Ears (via The Next Web)
The Nicest Place on the Web (via PSFK)
Bring On Your Awkward Santa Photos (via PSFK)

Did we miss anything? Which stories surprised you this week? Let us know.

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