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One of two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is a leading international financial center and the second easiest city in the world to do business. And we’re excited to be back in Hong Kong this February, working with cohn & wolfe-impact asia, a dynamic communications agency focused on public relations. Focusing in consumer, trade, digital and corporate PR, cohn & wolfe-impact asia has a team of over 80 employees and offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and is a part of award-winning brand marketing company, Cohn & Wolfe. Beyond being a major branch of Cohn & Wolfe’s Asian operations, impactasia is compiling an impressive Social Media Week. Check out what they have in store.

1. What are the three most exciting things happening in social, mobile and digital media in Hong Kong?
We have seen very clear user penetration growth in social, mobile and digital media in Hong Kong. More people than ever before are visiting blogs, forums and online portals to read news on a daily basis. As a result, there are growing numbers of bloggers, blogs and websites which cater to a variety of topics and tastes. The increasing number of smart phone users encourages the creation of apps and functions which have a more local focus. After Social Media Week Hong Kong 2011, we helped to establish a free monthly social media meet up called #HKSocial. It has grown significantly and currently hosts over 300 registered members on signifying the string demand for social media/digital knowledge in Hong Kong.

2. Why Hong Kong? What makes Hong Kong prime for Social Media Week 2012? 
Hong Kong is the only region in Greater China that still has full access to global internet and social media platforms, and therefore is a unique digital space where east meets west. Despite its fame for being the finance hub of Asia, Hong Kong is still at the developing stages of social media/digital engagement. 2011 marked a great achievement for the city, establishing connections with the digital/social media world globally and regionally. Hong Kong has great potential and is one place that cannot be missed on the digital/social media map.

3. Can you tell us about the process of bringing SMW to Hong Kong?
From a very early stage, we noticed the trend in social media and the increasing demand from our clients for engagement. After discussion with SMW global and understanding more about its purpose, we felt our digital strengths matched SMW’s concept. We realized the importance of promoting social media and its benefits in life and business. With that in mind, we approached influencers in Hong Kong who share the same value of SMW and formed the SMWHK Advisory Board. Each AB member is committed to hosting 1 event. Other organizations/companies/brands submitted their events where we provided support on venue/sponsor liaison. We also reached out to our clients, encouraging them to get involved. We received help from numerous parities and individuals who became partners of SMWHK and volunteers. SMWHK 2011 was a great success and we hope to surpass this in 2012.

4. Give us a sneak peek at the most exciting thing coming to SMW Hong Kong.
“StartupsHK Pitch Night 2012” – Hong Kong’s own “Dragons’ Den” will make its debut at SMWHK 2012. Hong Kong’s most exciting tech start-ups will pitch their concepts and face tough questions on their business plan, social media strategy and more! Our judges and twitter audience will decide who walks away with some fabulous prizes.

“Dating + Twitter = DWITTER” is another very exciting event to be introduced at SMWHK12. It’s a Valentine’s Twitter event where you might just get to meet your soul mate! Or it can just be a lesson for those who are not familiar with Twitter. You have to keep an eye on this one to see how Twitter is going to help you.

A popular event from SMWHK 11 – “Hong Kong Fashion Geek Photo Hunt” will return once again. Participants in this scavenger hunt style – on & offline event, must travel to various boutiques across Hong Kong in search of items to photograph and upload onto Facebook or Twitter. Whoever identifies and photographs the most items will take the grand prize which includes shopping vouchers, fashion items and beauty products. This is a great event, even for those who are just visiting Hong Kong for fun!

5. How will SMW Hong Kong stand out from other conferences happening in Hong Kong? 
SMW Hong Kong is a whole week of conferences and events that cover all aspects of social media. There are topics that cover the basic, 101 knowledge, topics that target businesses and non-profit organizations and there are opportunities for like minded talent to share ideas and experiences. SMW Hong Kong is not expensive, is not dry, and is not only for professionals or any specific type of people. It’s for everyone! We hope every attendee can learn something new, interesting and useful from SMW Hong Kong.

You can keep up with our team in Hong Kong on Twitter, Facebook and Weibo, and if nothing else, make sure you catch Following Social Media Trends and Phenomenon in China and get a deeper glimpse in the social and digital world in Asia.

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week

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