Can Man Live on Social Media Alone? We’ll See…



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Two individuals swap cities– equipped with nothing but a Lumia 800, they attempt to live off the goodwill of the locals through social media for a week!

In conjunction with Social Media Week, Can Man Live on Social Media Alone is a daring cross-city social experiment to evaluate whether one intrepid traveller can depend on nothing but the good will of locals and the power of social media to survive in a foreign city for one week.

From 9th – 15th February, our #CanManLondon and our #CanManSG will trade cities, power up their social media channels and prepare for the best (or worst).

The #CanMan Candidates

After weeks of searching for the right candidates we would like to introduce you to our #CanManLondon and our #CanManSG (or woman in this case). Meet Martin and Daphne:

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Along with the clothes on their back and a smartphone, Martin and Daphne will be given the opportunity to bring ten non-digital items in a backpack as part of their survival kit.

In addition to having to ensure they have food and lodging each day, the candidates will be issued daily tasks, which will be posted on their Facebook Fanpage walls. In the spirit of social good, the tasks will be charitable in nature and will help raise awareness around specific causes within the respective city.

You can get involved with their exciting journey and help them along the way. Simply follow both candidates on Facebook by liking their fanpages: and following their updates on Twitter: @SMWLoveMessengr // @deafknee.

Stay tuned with the #CanMan experiment as we will be announcing more exciting updates and giving you a sneak peek inside both agendas soon.

This is a reposting from our team, SMW London. Check out their blog regularly for highlights and to keep up with all that’s happening with #SMWLdn!

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