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It’s time! Social Media Week has arrived. Kicking off today in 12 cities around the world with over 1000 events taking place, this February may prove to be our biggest, boldest and best SMW to date. And we want to make sure you keep up with it all- from the conversations to the events to the interactivity.

Now, you don’t have to be in Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Toronto or DC to participate! In addition to physically attending events, join the conversation virtually!

1. SMW RealTime
: You may remember it from previous versions of SMW, but you’ve never seen it like this. Powered by Nokia and presented by The Guardian, SMW RealTime has drastically evolved into a 5-page data aggregation dashboard, pulling all the real-time data from Social Media Week globally and locally. Not only does it track all official hashtags on an event, city and global level, it also looks at trends, largest contributors to the conversation, Foursquare checkins and a daily poll!

See the global view:

And now on the event view:

See our daily poll:

2. Twitter: The staple. We couldn’t do without it- and neither could you (Admit it). Plus, this year, there’s a little competition as to which city can generate the most online conversation. You’ll want to use these global hashtags and handles- game on.

Global: @SocialMediaWeek & #SMW12, with our activities with sponsors & partners at @Nokia & #NokiaConnects, @ConstantContact & #SMWCC, @OgilvyWW & #SMWOgilvy, @SMWLoveMessenger & #CanManLondon, @DeafKnee & #CanManSg, #FutureHipsters

Hamburg: @SMWHamburg & #SMWHamburg
Hong Kong: @SMWHK & #SMWHK
London: @SMWLdn & #SMWLdn
Miami: @SMWMiami & #SMWMiami
Paris: @SMWParis & #SMWParis
San Francisco: @SMWSF & #SMWSF
Sao Paulo: @SMWSP & #SMWSP
Singapore: @SMW_SG & #SMWSg
Tokyo: @SMWTok & #SMWTok
Toronto: @SMWTo & #SMWTo
Washington DC: @SMWWDC & #SMWWDC

New York: @SMWNYC & #SMWNYC, with major events at #SMWBusiness, #SMWBigFuel, #SMWHealth, #SMWHearst, #SMWJWT, #SMWReuters

3. Social Media Week Live: Another feature that has only gotten better with time! This year’s livestreaming is built around Livestream’s new platform- and you’re going to be impressed. With the ability to incorporate photos and comments in a feed format, SMW Live is easier to use and keep up with events from afar. Plus, you can see all events that are slated to be streamed in advance!

See the schedule page:

Test it out! Watch our press conference- all on SMW Live:


4. Social Media Week Blogs: 
We are stepping up our coverage in a big way. Not just on our global blog but also on the city level. With students from Columbia University to dedicated editorial teams, we’ll be bringing back the best stories from our cities. Get the RSS feed or check in every day to see the highlights: Global, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, and Washington DC

And don’t forget to visit our Future Hipsters tumblr and keep up with our international social experiment with Martin in Singapore and Daphne in London’s Tumblr.

5. SMW Official Mobile App: Yes, you’re hearing a lot about it, but that’s because we really think it’ll change your experience with SMW12. In the convenience of your hands, you can now keep up with all the conversations. Available on 5 platforms and in 6 languages, you can follow the feeds of all cities and our global team, as well as getting the latest social and digital news from The Guardian! You can also access livestream, locate event venues and register for new events- all in one place. Download SMW Official Mobile App today!

We look forward to hearing from you this SMW12. Watch. Attend. Participate. Shape Social Media Week this February.

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