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Hello again! Sheldon from Sysomos back with one final look at what the social world is saying about our host cities before Social Media Week officially starts tomorrow. I’ve been using Sysomos’ industry leading social media monitoring and analytics software, MAP and Heartbeat, to find out what kind of talk goes on in social media about our host cities. Today I’ll be looking at the last city in the series, and also the original home of Social Media Week, New York, New York.

Doing a search for people mentioning New York or the much used NY in social mendia yielded a lot of results. In the past six months I was able to find 6.2 million blog posts, 6.7 million online news articles, 3.8 million forum postings and 14.7 million tweets talking about New York.

I then trended those mentions over time to get the popularity graph below. New York is one of the most known cities throughout the world and it shows by looking at just how much people are talking about it. Twitter, as usual, seems to be the channel creating the most talk about it. Something interesting in this graph is noticing just how much New York also gets mentioned in the news. This is likely because New York is home to a lot of activity including tourist destinations, big name sports teams, large media outlets and the New York Stock Exchange.

Next, I looked at where all the talk of New York was coming from. Naturally, the majority of mentions were coming from right within the United States (60.7%). In most cities we’ve looked in this series we have seen the US, UK and Canada as top country sources, but here I found that Indonesia mentions New York (5.9%) more than the UK (4.1%) and Canada (3.9%).

When I pulled up a buzzgraph to get an idea of what all the conversation was about I found it hard to pinpoint any real substance. As I said above, New York is home to a flurry of activity, and this is represented in the buzzgraph. In it we can see all kinds of random words that have no real connection to one another. People are talking so much about New York in different ways that it’s hard to find a single theme in all that conversation.

I then wanted to look a bit deeper in to the people that were doing all of the talking about New York. I found that when it comes to bloggers talking about New York, women actually mention it the most at 53% and men at 47%. I also found that bloggers between the ages of 21-35 make up over of half all the mentions of New York in blogs (57.1%).

On Twitter, the gender split of people mentioning New York was very similar to blogs, but opposite. Using technology exclusive to Sysomos, I was able to determine that 52% of the Twitter mentions of New York came from males and the other 48% from females. I also looked at the top Twitter sources that were talking about New York. Here I found that the majority of these top sources were news accounts like @TweetNewsss and @NYLiveNews. An interesting one in this list was @DatingMobi, which is some sort of mobile dating site. I also found @NYGiantsNation in this list, which is fitting, as the team just won the Super Bowl a week ago.

Lastly, I looked a bit deeper into some of the larger activity spikes we saw in the popularity graph. I started with the largest spike in the graph which occurred between August 26-29. Looking at the buzzgraph for this time period I found that the talk was centered around “Hurricane” “Irene.” This was a huge storm that made its way up the eastern “seaboard” of the  United States in August hitting cities like “Carolina.” The storm was supposed to reach a peak when it hit New York and there was even talk about having “Manhattan” “evacuated.” Luckily, by the time the storm hit New York it was nothing more than a little storm.

The second spike I looked into happened on September 11 and 12. Here we see that there was a large rise in talk about New York on Twitter, blogs and then news. A quick look at the buzzgraph for this time period showed that the spike was because of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. While the talk mostly mentioned New York as that is where the twin towers full of people came down, we can also see that tribute was paid not just to New York, but also to “Shanksville,” “Pennsylvania,” and “Washington.”

Well, that concludes my lead up series to Social Media Week. We’ve some interesting things about what the world has to say about each of our Social Media Week cities. But this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me. All during Social Media Week I’ll be using Sysomos to monitor what is going on around the world and I’ll be providing daily updates right here on the blog. So be sure to keep checking back to keep up on everything that’s going on for Social Media Week.

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