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Greetings everyone! This is Sheldon from Sysomos back again to explore what the world has to say though social media about each of our Social Media Week host cities. Using Sysomos’ industry leading social media monitoring and analytics software, MAP and Heartbeat, I’ve been looking into online chatter around our host cities. Today, we’ll be diving into Tokyo, Japan.

I started by pulling up all the mentions of Tokyo I could find across social media in the past six months. In that time I was able to find 659,223 blogs, 558,501 online news articles, 361,481 forum postings and 1.5 million tweets.

When I trended that data out over time I came up with the popularity graph we see below. Like most popularity graphs we’ve seen (except London’s), the talk about Tokyo through social media has some very noticible spikes in activity that we’ll be exploring a little later in this post. The thing I found interesting in this graph though, is that if you look carefully, it seems as though the mentions of Tokyo on Twitter seem to be slowly tapering off more and more as time goes on.

I also found something else that was very interesting when I looked at where all the talk about Tokyo was coming from. In almost all of my previous host city explorations the most amount of talk about the city was coming from the country the city was located in. However, when I looked at the country distribution for talk about Tokyo, Japan actually came in second place with 18.4%. The country that actually mentioned Tokyo the most was the United States with 29.8% of the conversation.

When I pulled up a buzzgraph of all the talk surrounding Tokyo I found that there were two major themes that seemed to stand out. The first had to do with business in Tokyo and Japan as a whole. This was emphasized by words such as “yen,” the Japanese currency, “Nikkei,” the Japanese stock market, “banks” and “investor.” The other theme that we  can pick out has to do with natural disasters that have been affecting the country. This is highlighted in the buzz graph with words like “tsunami” and “earthquake.”

Next, I dug into the people that were creating all these mentions of Tokyo through the social universe. Starting with blogs, I found that most of the chatter being created about Tokyo was coming from males. Male bloggers accounted for 71% of all the mentions while females only made up 29%. I also found that the majority of bloggers talking about Tokyo were younger bloggers. Over 75% of the bloggers were under 35 years old with the 20 and under crowd making up 29.6% and those aged 21-35 accounting for 51.9%.

Over on Twitter I found the gender split to be a little more even. On Twitter females mentioning Tokyo accounted for 45% of all the mentions and males made up the other 55%. I then looked at the top Twitter accounts that had a higher authority score and were mentioning Tokyo the most. I’ve seen a lot of news based Twitter accounts appear in these lists before, but when it came to Tokyo, one account blew all the others out of the water. @tokyonewsnow accounted for almost 3/4 of all the mentions of Tokyo from these top sources with 73.23%. Another interesting account I found in this mix was @AkibaGieger_Bot which is a Twitter account that tweets out radiation levels in Japan. After the earthquake that happened there last year and the damage it did to the nuclear power plant, I would think that this was an important account for residents to watch.

Lastly, I dove into a couple of activity spikes that I found over the past six months around mentions of Tokyo. The first spike I investigated happened between the dates of September 1-6.  Looking at the buzzgraph for this time period I found that it centered around something called “SMTown.” After doing a little research I found out that SMTown is a project of compilation albums put out by S.M. Entertainment. It turns out that around this date, a bunch of the artists from the compilation were performing at the Tokyo “Dome” and this was causing a lot of talk on Twitter. We can also a lot of business related terms in the buzzgraph. It turns out that the Japanese stock market had also been “rising” for six days and hitting highs that they had not seen in a while.

The second spike I decided to investigate wasn’t one of the largest ones, but seemed interesting as between November 29 and December 5 we can see a rise in activity coming from Twitter, blogs and online news. A quick look at the buzzgraph for this time period made it easy to understand this spike in activity. This spike was due to the opening of the Tokyo “Motor” show. We can easily pick out car company names like “Honda,” Nissan,” Subaru” and “Toyota.” We can also see car trend words like “concept” cars, cars that run on “electricity” and “hybrid” cars.

And that’s all I have for our look at what the social world is saying about Tokyo.  I’ll be back again soon with another Sysomos look at what the social world is saying about another one of our Social Media Week host cities.

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