Earning through gaming – how incentives and social media are rewarding users



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A new trend in gaming is helping brands gain more recognition online- while simultaneously allowing users to earn real-life rewards.  As players compete for real world prizes by utilizing apps and online games, one has to wonder, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Companies life plyfe, a NYC-based tech start-up that launched this year, have garnered thousands of loyal subscribers by awarding tangible prizes to frequent gamers – prizes like vacations, handbags, shoes, tickets to sporting events and electronic gadgets.  Within 10 days of its launch, the company already had 17,000 users and a partnership with the United Nations.

“People are giving up a lot of information about themselves online, like where they are, for free,” co-founder Jeff Arbour told Business Insider. “We want to give back to them. We reward users for sharing and producing data.”

Kiip, a similar company that distributes awards for players who download and use certain apps, launched in 2011.  Headed by 21 year-old CEO Brian Wong, Kiip even encourages users to create and build their own apps and help others earn a variety of rewards – from an Xbox 360 to Vitamin Water.  Wong recently visited NYC during Internet Week to speak during APPNATION TV 3.0 on May 16.  Wong discussed the success of his company and how companies like Kiip can keep users engaging in their content.

With the emergence of companies like plyfe and Kiip, will social media soon be bombarded with companies that reward users for their time?  Can this be positively used for companies that are education-based to reward students with supplies like books and computers?  Will these brands become internationally-recognized when users from around the globe participate in online gaming?

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Abigail Elise is a freelance video game/geek culture writer, blogger and vlogger. She currently lives in New York City. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can learn more about her on her site.

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