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… is possible.

Pinterest, the social network that describes itself as a virtual pinboard to organize and share the things your love, has definitely come a long way since its launch back in March 2010. The future was still unknown for the then new social network entrant. A lot has changed since then.

Fast forward to 2012 and Pinterest is now the third most popular website in the world, above LinkedIn. It has become a big player in the world of ecommerce, with the daily number of users increased by over 145% since Jan 1, 2012. It is important to note that the growth of Pinterest is better than Facebook and Twitter at the same point in their history. ( / comScore)

According to comScore online shoppers who are referred from Pineterst are 10% more likely to buy, spending 10% more than those who arrive from other social sites. They spend more, more often and on more items than other top social sites.

While there has been some sight changes, mostly in the content layout and the addition of pinning videos, there has never been– still missing after 2 years– is the ability to understand how your page is performing based on your efforts and content mix.

But all is not completely lost. With the continued growth, it should not be surprising that many third party sites and apps have been and continue to ride on the coattails of its success, including building tools that compliment Pinterest – and some, while still in beta and / or invite only can help with the lack of insights on Pinterest.

Below a list of these tools plus others that are tool related to Pinterest that you may also like.

Pinerly – an analytic tool, currently still invite-only, promises to makes it easy for you to keep track of repins, likes and click-throughs your pins are receiving. You first create what is called a ‘campaign’, post it onto Pinterest, and then you can start to see the respective analytics for the campaign you just created. A much needed insight into how your efforts and content on Pinterest is doing which would allow you to then optimize content where (and when) needed.

Check out some examples of campaigns from Pinerly on Pinterest- found by searching directly from Pinterest.

Repinly – enables you to get insights on the most popular pins and boards, the most popular pinners and videos. Repinly also provides stats on what’s trending. When viewing stats on the most popular pins, you can view then by select categories and can also sort them either by the number of repins, likes, comments or by the last 7 and 30 days or all time.




PinPuff – allows people and business to explore social influence via the platform.

The general idea of measuring your online influence should sound familiar – heard of Klout? The difference with PnPuff is that it is specific to Pinterest and it measures your popularity, influence, activity, reach on Pinterest on a scale of 1-100. Beyond this, PinPuff also provides a monetary value of your pins and traffic they generate.

According to the Pinfluence score breakdown, my score of 46 is in a sweet zone ;) Apparently, doing great and if I keep this up, brands would love to have me be a part of their Pinterest strategy… if anything like Klout, questionable.

Also launched PinPerks, exclusive gifts, invites, subscriptions or other goodies that are earned based on your influence on Pinterest. Based on what they have in their FAQS, your Pin worth / monetary values are calculated based on categories you Pin about and different activity numbers. See image below for an example shared.


PinPuff Pin Worth


PinReach (formerly – brings insights and analytics to Pinterest to help you monitor trends and the success of your Pinterest page. See what your top five pins and boards are and how they stack up against each other. You can also get more details on the performance of most far reaching boards (the ability to view metrics for all your boards is still to come.) Find out the number of repins, followers, pins, likes and comments for each; as well, the overall scorecard for your page – total number of pins, boards, likes, followers, comments liked – which essentially gives you your total PinReach.

While the company has no plans to reveal the exact formula of your PinReach score they do highlight the importance of engaging and pinning as key factors to impacting this score.



PinticsTools + Analytics = Pintics

Pintics helps businesses track and optimize their Pinterest traffic. A tool that allows you to manage how much traffic, activity, and sales as a result from your pins and boards. From the screen captures that others have shared, the dashboard includes metrics for number of followers, likes, repins, visits, pageviews, popular boards, popular pins, traffic contribution of boards and of pins.

Pintics is still in beta, though you can sign up now. I am still waiting to receive an invite… hoping you have better luck than I did.

WP Pinner – a WordPress plugin that promises to allow users to manage their Pnterest account directly within their WordPress admin area – indeed the ultimate dashboard straight inside WordPress.

A plugin that would enable people to automatically pin blog posts, schedule pins and follow users straight from your WordPress admin area. As well, to keep stats you would most likely care about: likes, repins, followers, click-through rates and reach.

Unfortunately, they will not grant immediate access to just anyone… they are rolling it slowly, sending out the beta based on the number of people you referred. While the little info shared is based on what I can find on their site,enough interest was peaked that yes, it does sound like something I (and perhaps all of you) may want to use / have access to.

 WP Pinner


Share as Image – ever come across a website where you read a great quote or stat that you want to add to your Pinterest board? Introducing share as image (formerly, Pin A Quote) that lets you easily convert text into an image that you can pin.  While there is a free account that does give you the basics to turn text to a pinnable image, for only $2.99 you can upgrade to the PRO version which enables you to then choose from a list of fonts, text and background colors and the size of your text. – sharing your website – or other websites you like for that matter – has just gotten easier with the free url2pin tool. Simply enter the URL of the website you want to capture a screenshot of and hit submit. You can now pin your website to your board of choice.



There are a few great tools out there that have leveraged the growing popularity of Pinterest to provide users with ways to measure their efforts and make it easy to pin content to their boards. As it relates to measurement, these tools promise to give businesses with a Pinterest presence the insights they need to measure and optimize their content and engagement efforts on Pinterest.

While I am going to continue to patiently wait for access to be granted for a couple of the above tools, I would still recommend trying them out (first, requesting access where required) until Pinterest develops its own insights that is accessible within the social network… or, until it acquires anyone of the tools mentioned above.


Di Gallo is the Director, Social Media Partnerships at Rogers and a board member of Canadian Women in Communications / Regional Social Media Advisory Committee. She is a contributor to the Social Media Week Global Editorial Team based in Canada. The opinions expressed here are her own. Follow her on twitter @digallo

Di Gallo

Director, Social Media, Indigo


Twitter & Instagram | @digallo A self-confessed online shopaholic in the social media space. I have a love for music, film, television, fashion, books, glossies and museums. Thanks to Netflix I find it difficult to watch any television series that won't allow me to binge watch. And, I do love me a damn fine cup of coffee.

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