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In partnership with Skillshare, our goal in launching the School of Emerging Media & Technology is to connect the world’s greatest leaders in social media with professionals whose daily jobs and activities require a basic-to-advanced understanding of the tools, technologies and best practices that are driving change in industry and society in general. We believe such an education initiative is badly needed as technological advances continue to outpace our ability to retrain and reeducate our workforce. In support of our launch of the School of Emerging Media & Technology, we talked with Craig Hepburn, Director of Social Media at Nokia to hear his thoughts on the initiative.

Craig, why do you believe such an initiative is important?

It may be a cliché but the world is changing at an ever increasing pace; and the technology and information being created is exceeding our ability to keep up. However social media is now a fundamental part of today’s global culture that is driving major changes in our lives, sometimes without our knowledge. Traditional forms of education and technology courses are out of date before they start, and the time we have to self-learn and adapt to new forms of communication and social technology is diminishing with our ever increasing busy lives. So the idea of creating a School of Emerging Media & Technology is not only a requirement but a necessity in today’s world. Frankly, I’m amazed it does not already exist.

We traditionally talk of the rich and poor divide in a financial sense, but this is increasingly becoming apparent in the knowledge divide related to social media– where some people are able to enrich and empower themselves and create new opportunities that people without this knowledge are unable to achieve. More importantly, the opportunity to harness social media for positive change is still largely untapped in the world due to the lack of understanding and knowledge in this area across wide parts of society. Social Media Week and Skillshare will revolutionise the importance of social media and help educate a whole new generation of people on collaborative innovation and communication.

Why is education key to driving change and adoption of social media?

Education is such a critical part of driving change in social media, as there are still many myths, fallacies and misinformed people in today’s society- across business, politics and culture- that still don’t understand the importance and relevance of social media that can drive positive change and transformation to their lives and the people around them. I also believe there has not been enough educational studies or academic focus on social media to help us truly understand how it can benefit and improve our lives by solving problems, finding solutions to challenging issues, and helping inform and empower people to transform their lives.

We need to educate people in the right way around social media, technologies and new communication channels to ensure we fully understand the potential of this information revolution and understand how to adapt quickly in an ever increasing data driven world.

How would this benefit your organization?

The School of Emerging Media & Technology would help in two ways: firstly, it would provide an opportunity to better help educate senior management and executive decision makers within our company on the importance and relevance of social media to their future success. Secondly, it would help empower the workforce to harness the technology, best practices, and principles of social media to communicate and execute business solutions.

We look forward to seeing the School of Emerging Media & Technology thrive and hope you can be a part. Learn more about our latest initiative and apply to be a teacher today.

Nicky Yates

Director of Communications, Social Media Week

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