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Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology's impact on business, society, and culture.

We believe learning should be a lifelong pursuit. Culture shifts; businesses change. The more we as a society and as individuals can continue to learn and grow, the better suited we are to address these changes.

In response to the growing skills gap we’re seeing businesses and professionals face, we launched the School of Emerging Media and Technology. The School of Emerging Media & Technology exists to connect the world’s greatest leaders in social media with professionals whose daily jobs and activities require a basic-to-advanced understanding of the tools, technologies and best practices that are driving change in industry.

This week, we are excited to announce that you can now join us. Registration for the School of Emerging Media & Technology is now open. And to make it easy for you, we’re highlighting some of our favorite classes taking place during Social Media Week, as well as a few you can take no matter where you are!

Internet Law for Social Media Entrepreneurs
Technology, the Internet, and social media is wonderful, but as anything that grows, we see more laws and regulations sprouting up to adjust our use of these tools, which isn’t all bad. This is where David Pashman, General Counsel at Meetup, comes in. Teaching his course tailored for non-lawyers in NYC, he will explore the legal issues that social web companies face when building their business, developing their site and product, and engaging with their users. Providing an overview of the law for each topic, you will review practical guidance on how to apply the law in the real world and examine case studies drawn from real world current events and situations at Meetup.

The Publishing Process- Create Relevant Content for Social Media
In Chicago and interested in the publishing process and how marketing works within the industry? Kim Kleeman, President of Creative Marketing Partners, will offer insight into how you can create a publishing process that results in relevant and measurable content for the web and your social channels.

Principles and Practices of Social Interaction Design
Social Media Networks, because they are built on the collective participation of individuals, can only be effectively guided by means of a researched and learned understanding of social psychology. It’s the job of the product designer to understand just how these social media ecosystems are likely to evolve. So, Will Evans will be helping developers and designers in NYC understand the basics of social psychology as it pertains to social media and networking sites, as design patterns in social media site architecture and their impact on human behavior. The best part of Will’s 5 class course? It’s theory applied to practice, meaning you will undertake a design challenge in the first session.

What Makes Content Spread?
Sam Ford, Director of Digital Strategy at Peppercom, will be representing the SMW School in Bowling Green, Kentucky for Social Media Week. The collective decisions people make about whether to pass along content are profoundly reshaping the media landscape. So, how can we better understand how content circulates within these structures? Sam will be highlighting the social logics and cultural practices that have enabled and popularized new platforms, explaining why (not just how) sharing has become common practice.

Social Media Strategy- Your Key to Success & Sanity
Strategy is important, and having a strategy in place is the foundation for any social media campaigns. Sue Koch, Social Media Strategist & Speaker for Soaring Solutions, will discuss examples of how strategy can create success, ROI, and focus. You’ll walk away having defined the key components of a strategy and how to further develop it.

Finally, not in the US? We still have opportunities for you! Our new Hybrid Courses can be taken anywhere in the world and start September 10th. They also offer you a very hands-on learning experience.

Understanding Modern Marketing Madness
Interested in modern marketing techniques- or ping pong? Then, we think you should check out what James Cooper, Former Chief Creative Innovation Officer at JWT, is offering. Using ping pong as a springboard for learning modern marketing skills, James will help you create a creative ad of your own design. YOu’ll learn how to create buzz and engagement with minimum budget and will work on an actual brief to bring the course to life- for ping pong. It’s a great way to marry two passions and we can’t wait to see the final products.

Leverage Your Creativity For Good
Paull Young, Director of Digital at charity: water, will help you use your social networks for more than just Likes and Retweets. Paull will highlight the most successful fundraising by individuals seen at charity: water to help you learn the psychology, science and creativity behind it. Starting with the question “what motivates people to donate?,” you’ll create an online fundraising campaign for a cause you feel passionately about. The best part of Paull’s course? All of the proceeds go to benefit charity: water’s September campaign.

The Art of Cult-Like Loyalty
With a background working with Threadflip, SoundClound, Skillshare, Airbnb and Yelp, Ligaya Tichy has a thing or two to say about community building. In her course with us, Ligaya will be teaching you how to cultivate Bieber-level loyalty- and why she loves doing it. She’ll introduce to the psychology and strategy behind turning consumers into believers by dissecting brands whose customers behave more like cult than consumer. At the end, you’ll understand different customer engagement programs and techniques and become a brand-building expert.

With these courses and more already open, including courses with leaders from Behance, what are you waiting for? We hope to see you as part of our School of Emerging Media and Technology. And remember, we’re still looking for great teachers. If you know someone or are interested yourself, let us know!

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