Constantly Evolving: Nokia São Paulo’s Jo Elias & Rodrigo Heymann



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The final in our series of Meet Nokia, it’s time to travel to Brazil to introduce you to Jo Elias and Rodrigo Heymann. Jo has been with Nokia for 6 years; and Rodrigo for 3, previously working with Nokia at Wunderman for 2 years. Both bring years of experience to our partnership in São Paulo.


What drew you to working with Nokia? How have you seen that evolve over the years?
JE: I worked all my life as a Technology Journalist. When I decided to make a change in my career,moving to the Corporate Communications, Nokia was my first choice and I was lucky to get the position! When I joined, social media did not have the same importance as today, and I see a strong link between my professional evolution and the way Nokia evolved communications addressed to the new consumer.

What gets you excited about your work with Nokia?
JE: There’s nothing tedious about it at all. I still feel the adrenaline with my work, even after 6 years. The market is so dynamic- you need to move fast and constantly keep learning to keep up with all the changes. We are always trying to innovate the way we communicate with our consumers.

RH: Simply put: the quality of products and professionals who are currently working for Nokia.

What Nokia campaigns would our supporters in São Paulo be familiar with?

RH: The New Lumia family campaign, and the Launch of the Lumia 900.



Nokia has been the major partner for SMW, with São Paulo being a prominent city for Nokia activities. What can we expect to see from your team in São Paulo this September and why did you decide to take part again?
RH: Strategically, our goal for this event is to present and generate a trial of the Lumia product family, and thereby generate a conversation about it to this audience of great influencers and advocates. Expect a showcase of these products and many fun activations and competitions in addition to our workshop and presence of our team.

SMW SP is also hosting a Developers Workshop with your team, highlighting app development. Why is app development something Nokia is strongly interested in?
RH: Our workshop is about Apps + Social + Mobile => New paradigms and Windows Phone. We’ll be exploring what defines an app versus a social app versus a web app. Social and the mobile web are increasingly converging into one experience, and operating systems dictate the protocols for interaction between all things. The mobile app today is no longer a direct descendant of the software. Windows Phone operating system is a new, rapidly evolving system, with a new paradigm of interaction between apps and social content. We’ll show attendees how the system behaves with everyday tasks from the user and apps, and how it formalizes the transition to a social-aware operating system.

We’ll be giving people the opportunity to try a Nokia phone during SMW and then giving away Lumia’s based on creative responses to their #SMWNokia Lumia experience. Can you tell us more and why the Lumia is such an incredible and social phone?
RH: Lumia is an incredible device for having innovative features and an operating system that enables a totally customizable home screen and with a perfect interface to social networks. With live tiles, navigation on your social networks is even more fun and fast and ggives you instant information on the stuff that matters with Live Tiles . And the People Hub concentrate all your contacts and social networks independent of any application or app. Lumia also:

  • Makes easier to connect with the people you care about with built in Social Networking
  • • Is fastest at taking & sharing pictures with the pocket-to-picture-to-post
  • • Best at finding what you’re looking for with Bing Search.
  • • Is easier to find places around you and get turn by turn navigation to get there with Nokia Drive, and Maps.
  • • Is easier to download and use apps from a wide selection in Marketplace

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