Crowdsourcing: Must-See Events during SMW12



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We have an incredible board of advisors that help us here at Social Media Week- experts ranging from mobile to community to video. So, we asked them to tell us what events they recommend this September. We started with Shaun Abrahamson.

Shaun helps organizations benefit from open, connected business models. He works with early stage companies as an investor at the Eigen Value Fund and advises global brands at Colaboratorie Mutopo. His forthcoming book, “Crowdstorm” describes how organizations can work with crowds to solve some of their most challenging marketing and innovation problems.

If you’re looking to or are working with crowds and communities to create and communicate, you’ll want to check out these events- with a great explanation from Shaun as to why.

10 Principios para un Mundo Abierto, Conectado y Colaborativo // 10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Colaborative World
Ok. So, this is top of the list and presented by Toby D, founder of Social Media Week. But stop for a moment and think it about what it takes to coordinate a global event of this scale, with a small full time team and lots of partners and I think you’ll agree, Toby has secrets worth sharing about how to work in an Open, Connected World. Bogota and London people, you have no excuses.

Open Government & Citizen Engagement
Would have loved a bit more background on this, but looking at the speakers and the location, I know this is going to be interesting. The Middle East is experiencing massive shift in the relationship between government and the people. I’m looking forward to some great perspectives.

How fashion brands can take advantage of UGC: Instagram
UGC is an old word, but has likely never been more relevant. The ease with which we can quickly create good quality content and diverse opinion is making new types of conversations possible. These conversations offer the potential not just to generate awareness, but also new insights and understanding and also new inspiration touching not just communications but the design process too.

Frauen in Wikipedia: Tipps von Wikimedia Deutschland
Over the years Wikipedia has had to move from a “wow it’s magic” to understand how exactly the co-creation process worked. I’ve had the chance to review various publications and conversations about how Wikipedia has evolved their thinking and addressed critical issues of community health. The decade-plus experience reveals a roadmap to very different type of organization and management approach. No doubt almost all organizations have something to learn about from the Wikipedians.
Bonus: What the shrink can teach the community manager

The Rise of Social Customer Service
It is one thing to use social as a response channel when customer issues arrise. It is something else when customers are helping one another across these channels. Enabling customers to help other customers often yields exciting results across all business metrics- from response rates and quality to cost savings and enhanced brand value. Many of the patterns have application beyond customer support into product development and marketing.

About Technology // Smart Communities
I admit to using Google Translate on this one. But if I understood correctly, there is much to be learned from the stories of engaging with citizens and businesses to uncover their needs and ideas. In many ways businesses can learn much from how local governments enable citizens because businesses serving communities are taking on similar enabling rolls.

Your community is more than a tool
The possibilities of online communities are interesting. But how to make the business case? After almost a decade of investment, SAP has a thriving community that interacts and benefits a number of business processes. No doubt there is lots of learn from this session, where they will share what they have learned.

Behavioural Economics for the Web
Working with crowds depends ultimately on individuals- more specifically, individuals who are motivated to join in and participate in ways that will benefit the group. The best crowdsourcing and community outcomes are often supported by systems that understand individual behavior, motivations and the impact on overall group dynamics. Behavior economics is a great starting point to get at the question of why people will participate.

Mayor Emanuel’s Digital Trio
Chicago is home to some of the early innovators in collaboration and crowdsourcing, like Threadless and 37Signals. So it is no surprise that the Mayor’s Office has themes like big data, social media and IT firmly in their sights. Again, businesses have much to learn from local government as they seek practical way to serve communities using data + tech + social to enable citizens. Businesses are new to the idea of community, while this has been the core of local government forever. This session will reveal how these 3 areas work together to deliver better outcomes for the Windy City.

Inside Unilever: A Social Approach to Engaging Current and Prospective Employees
We don’t usually think about employees as part of a crowd. But many ideas from community management and crowdsourcing are beginning to show up within organizations. One important difference between crowds inside organizations versus those outside- existing hierarchy. Participating outside work is easy- there are no conflicts. But what happens when you start to interact across internal structures? What are the barriers to this type of interaction? This research should be revealing.

El impacto social de Airbnb/ L’impacte social de Airbnb
AirBnB is one of my favorite examples of how enabling a crowd can transform local communities. AirBnB has some of the most sophisticated tools to manage issues like reputation and trust, while enabling new types of transactions and social connections that are simply not possible inside the existing travel business. They have had to overcome many obstacles to make this work, so hearing more about how they do what they do, will be a great learning opportunity.

Google Community: Supporting Micro-communities within a broad audience
One of the most challenging aspects of communities is scale. As communities grow and needs and interests diverge, how do you ensure that you can keep serving the needs are all stakeholders? Google has been making this work and will share how they have approached the scaling challenge. Not to be missed.

Establishing a niche community and Goldmedia: Insights from, The DIY Community powered by Bosch
Brands have a great opportunity to take on roles not usually associated with business. That is, they can serve communities of current and potential customers and by working with the community to create value of participants. They can create value for the brand, too. In this case, Bosch serves the DIY community and will discuss how they did it.

Collaborative consumption
Collaborative consumption relies on a number of community and crowd enabling ideas- from reputation systems to community management. But the behaviors are also not new- they build on things that have always happened in “meat” space or meet space. But as these things move online, new opportunities have been created. Understanding how collaborative consumption works, it a great way to learn more about working and enabling crowds.

Zach Galifianakis Presents: Craigslist Joe
A truly fascinating story about what is possible with our new connections and communications. It is not just an interesting story, but a chance to understand how people connect and share and help one another – what motivates them and how not everything is about self interest – Joe shows how he lived off support from the internet- from transportation to food, from shelter to companionship,

The Sharing Economy “Commercial Reality Throw-down”
Embarking on projects like open innovation, co-creation or crowdsourcing require buy-in from the most senior people in your company. This session offers insights into the real economic benefits afforded to more social businesses (and how these advantages are to be achieved) and will help you make the case for change in your organization.

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