Give Me City: Alyssa McHugh Shows Off Chicago in Concrete Jungle



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Like any fashion conscience woman, Alyssa McHugh posts images of Audrey Hepburn and the fashion icon- Paris. But her native Chicago has left an imprint. When we saw Alyssa was representing one of our host cities in our Concrete Jungle competition, we wanted to talk more with her.

Get to know her with us, then give her some love on StyleSaint. Don’t forget- one of our winners is chosen by you based on the love you give entries. So, tell us if Alyssa’s is one of your favorites!

Alyssa, tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in downtown Chicago, but spent my childhood and high school years growing up in Rockford, IL with my mother, father, and younger sister. I was part of a competitive dance company for six years, spending hours upon hours a week in team rehearsals, technique classes, and icing all my bruises. Knowing that I wouldn’t get away from dance that easily, I now am the jazz team choreographer for DePaul’s Dance Company. My other school activities include Chi Omega sorority, DePaul Fashion Club, writing for the Arts and Life section of DePaul’s school newspaper, and being a campus representative for Rent the Runway.

Can you tell us how you got involved in fashion?

When I was little, my mother could always find me standing outside of a shop window gazing up at the shiny handbags and shoes. I would plead to try anything and everything on, resulting in a growing closet too full for any normal thirteen year old girl. It wasn’t until I opened my first page of Vogue, however, that my interest for fashion went from love to infatuation. The way that the models portrayed the, what I thought at the time, strangely put together articles of clothing opened my eyes to a new outlook on the endless possibilities of styling an outfit. There was never a wrong or right answer, just what was trending at the time. It was magical, and I wanted to be consumed in everything about it. This being said, I hope to one day take my love for fashion and incorporate it with writing to either write for or do public relations for a fashion magazine.

Why did you get involved with our Concrete Jungle competition?

The Concrete Jungle competition intrigued me because most of the time when people refer to a concrete jungle they are referring to New York. Being from Chicago, I was glad to have the chance to showcase my own “concrete jungle” the way that I see it everyday; messy, brilliant, and beautiful.

How do you use social media for your fashion & style?

I use social media mainly for my fashion and lifestyle blog, Give Me City, and for personal use. Not a day goes by that I don’t use social media whether it’s tweeting on Twitter or sharing photos on Facebook. I truly believe that it’s one the best thing about our generation to not only stay in touch with family and friends, but to also make future connections. My personal guilty pleasure is being on Pinterest and Polyvore for hours exploring all of the exciting styles.

Was this your first exposure to Social Media Week?

Before this competition, I had not heard of Social Media Week. However, now that I’ve been exposed I can’t get enough! I strongly suggest getting involved by making an account and attending some of the fabulous events that are offered! I, myself, plan on attending some in the near future.

Want more? Find Alyssa on Twitter at @GiveMeCity.

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