Going Beyond: Solange Cummins, Nokia & Barcelona



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With a few days before we kick off SMW12, you’ve almost met the entire Nokia team working with us. From Nokia LA’s Robyn Yoslow, Nokia London’s Mark Hindle and Edoardo Cassina to Nokia Jeddah’s Abdullah Alghadouni and Adel Sartawi and most recently Berlin’s Pino Bonetti, you know the faces that accompany all the hard work. But there’s one last team: Solange Cummins in Barcelona. Solange has been at Nokia for 7 years, and even though it’s our first time working with her, the more we work with her, the more we expecting great things there!

Solange, what drew you to working with Nokia? How have you seen that evolve over the years? 
Nokia is an amazing and attractive company to work at; an absolute leader in Spain for many many years. It also adds a new angle to my career- from media, to PR agency and to client. I’ve always in the IT sector. The IT sector is the most dynamic ever seen. After almost 20 years in it, I could have never imagined where we are now in terms of innovation.

What gets you excited about your work with Nokia?
I love my job working in external and internal comms and corporate social responsibility. There are not two days that look the same… I’ve enjoyed every minute.  

What Nokia campaigns would our supporters in Barcelona be familiar with?
Our Nokia Lumia devices are a must! You must try them and enjoy them. And until the end of September, consumers in Spain can get back up to a 50 euros –depending on the model- if they buy a Nokia Lumia device.

This is our first time in Barcelona. Can you tell us more about the culture of mobile in Barcelona and how Nokia has adapted to that?
Barcelona hosts Mobile World Congress!! They are very engaged on the culture of mobile! Either if you stay in the city for work or pleasure or if you live there, you can easily share your best moments in the city. There is so much being offered: culture, entertainment, the beach, the food, great landscapes… Nokia Lumia devices are a great tool to enjoy the city!

We’ll be giving people the opportunity to try a Nokia phone during SMW and then giving away Lumias based on creative responses to their #SMWNokia Lumia experience. Can you tell us more and why the Lumia is such an incredible and social range of phones?
Lumia devices are providing a new user experience, very different and easy way of accessing to apps and contents; great design with great functionalities and services such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music –with Mix Radio to listen to your favorite type of songs via streaming, etc…and the most interesting thing for me: that everything is centralized in my contacts. This means that when I go/touch my best friend or my dad, I can have everything related them in one view, their FB, Twitter, Linkedin account, phone number, email addresses and also all the “history” I have with them… And it’s so nice to have all the updates of my social network in one place without the need of opening each of them!! Integration is great!!

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