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By now, you know Nokia LA’s Robyn Yoslow and Nokia London’s Mark Hindle and Edoardo Cassina. It’s time to travel to one of our first year cities to get to know Abdullah Alghadouni and Adel Sartawi in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah and Adel, how long have you been with Nokia?
AA: Two Amazing years of fun

AS: Almost half a decade of exciting changes.

What drew you to working with Nokia? How have you seen that evolve over the years?

AA: Challenge, as this is what drives me to excellence every day. Growing at a crazy pace, I have just grabbed a Regional Excellence Award, so fun is there. I always say “ bring it on.“

AS: Changing the world; living the adventure connecting people.

What gets you excited about your work with Nokia?

AA: I constantly need to innovate and be at my amazing best in everything I do.

AS: Innovation, expecting the un expected, and above all be part of the greatest turn around in the whole telecom industry

Nokia has been the major partner for SMW, and this is our first time in Jeddah. What can we expect to see from your team in Jeddah and how will it stand out from our other cities?

AA: It is original, local execution with global flavors, expect the amazing engaging activities on the ground.

During SMW, it looks like you’ll be working with our local team to highlight the tools to use social media and how that can be done. How does Nokia place at the front with your products and marketing?

AA: Showcasing the excellence in what we do there, how do we master the social Media game and how fast we learn and evolve.

AS: We were amongst the first brands to embrace social media, I remember we involved bloggers and social media in activities since 2008 when I first joined Nokia, the journey has been amazing and has evolved to the daily engagement we have on local level these days.

What Nokia campaigns would our supporters in Jeddah be familiar with?
AS: Nokia Pureview 808, Lumia 920 launch, Asha Phones launch.

SMW Jeddah will be hosting a Nokia’s Blogger Day. How does your team currently work with bloggers?

AS: The relationship we have with bloggers is that of respect, trust and event personal friendship. We engage with them throughout the year, especially with big launches and global events. I hosted some of the key bloggers in regional and global events and the fun never ends when you enjoy tech and love being with geeky fellows.

One of the activities during the week will be a #CaptureSaudi competition, capturing the best images of the city. The Nokia phone has an impressive camera. Was that one of the inspirations for the contest and you can tell us why it’s so phenomenal?

AA: Because it is going to be featuring this Key selling point of our device Nokia 808 in particular and new Lumia capabilities as well. One more thing is the fact that SMW12 in Jeddah is launching the same Day with Saudi National Day, which will reflect more on a local preference and relevance.

AS: Because it is going to be featuring this key selling point of our device Nokia 808 in particular and new Lumia capabilities as well. I can add that Photography is one of the highest trending hobbies amongst the youth in Saudi Arabia, mobile photography is even a newer and more convenient for of this great hobby, and so we are in a way listening to our consumers and giving them the engagement they crave for.

Keep up with more Nokia on their blog, Nokia Conversations, and stay tuned as we introduce you to the Nokia teams in Berlin, Barcelona and Sao Paulo. And if you want more Abdullah, join him on Twitter at @Alghadouni and Adel at @amsartawi.

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