Passion for Fashion: Talking With Lucia House on Concrete Jungle



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Two weeks ago, we opened our Concrete Jungle style competition launched with StyleSaint and Nokia. We asked you to show us your style. We have loved seeing the entries- and have learned a few extra tips in the process. But few have shown as much enthusiasm as Lucia House. With her Concrete Jungle entry, she also showed us her passion on YouTube. So, we decided to talk more with her and get to know her a bit.

Lucia, can you tell us how you got involved in fashion?
I have been living and breathing fashion for as long as I can remember. Starting at the age of 7, I was styling my own looks for my sister and I and convincing my parents we needed pictures of all of the looks. Then in high school I took a sewing class so I could get a better idea on the construction of clothing. That’s when I fell in love with fashion and decided to pursue it as my degree in college. I graduated with a Fashion Merchandising degree and Marketing minor. I did an internship at a Fashion PR firm in Los Angeles, California from January-May and thats where I really fell in love with the idea of technology and fashion coming together.

How did you learn about Concrete Jungle and why did you get involved?
I was already on StyleSaint creating style boards and thought the Concrete Jungle would be an amazing opportunity to show off what I love to do. Plus, I love using social media for promoting my fashion style from my blog, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, and FaceBook. I had a blast creating my style board!

How did you hear about Social Media Week?
I had heard of Social Media Week previously through a friend from L.A. Also, I would absolutely love to get involved with SMW, anything that I could do would be an amazing opportunity. My two biggest passions in life are fashion and technology, being able to combine the two is the perfect fit for me.

Tell us a little bit more about what you’re doing now and how you spend your free time?
Currently, I work at Nordstrom in the Lingerie section in Saint Louis and I love every minute of it. Outside of work, I love to craft (creating, and reconstructing clothing). I also love enjoying the outdoors from biking to running to laying on the beach, and I love spending time with friends watching movies or going to concerts.

Check out Lucia’s entry and her YouTube video. Then, don’t forget to show us your city style. We’re taking entries until September 14th. A big thanks to Lucia- we can’t wait to see more from her!

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