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Monday featured two events that focused on urban development: Nobody Walks in LA (#SMWLAWalks) and Social Media and Urban Development in Hollywood (#SMWLAUrban).

The panel for #SMWLAWalks was late to the event because they were taking the bus. Main points included the notion that getting to know your neighborhood is a process of discovery and that your community does not stop at your doorstep. If you always drive, you have no idea what your community looks like.

Also noted were the pluses that you can safely tweet and Facebook if you ride the bus. Other hip notions included that it was “good for your brand” to be seen walking and the interesting phenomenon that young people nowadays are choosing to not own a car. Late in the chat was introduced, which is like a combination of yelp and HopStop, and gives you routes based on ability or direct and “safer” routes to your destination with user ratings of the neighborhoods along the route.

There’s plenty more to see if you want the full version:

Then, Social Median and Urban Development explored the cross between communities, businesses and the consumer. It is important to encourage marketers to see consumer video and pictures as a form of free advertising. Also reaching out to consumers with video as a tool of consensus, a “call to action” to rally around a shared cause is another new and effective alternative- think along the lines of a park in the middle of LA.

There was plenty of talk of the building of circular engagement bridging offline and online interaction. Create content offline –> share it online –> spur discussion and interaction digitally. Therefore, you’re now driving greater traffic and interaction back to the business or community. An idea of PR being tossed out the window and being replaced with direct connection to the consumer was definitely at the forefront. All this means that we must digitally be a social human and not a brand, and all that means a more vibrant community.

See the full event here:


Beckie Stravers is a New Yorker, blogger in chief at, and a social media pusher at She loves tweets and the internet, and hopes to see  you around the world wide web. She is one of our four Official Correspondents covering SMW12 for Crowdcentric.

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