The Amazing Everyday Taking Over London: Nokia’s Mark Hindle and Edoardo Cassina



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Earlier this week, we introduced you to Robyn Yoslow, Head of Digital and Influence/Lifestyle Marketing at Nokia Mobile Phones West Coast. She’s doing some impressive things with SMW LA. Now, it’s time to introduce you to some veterans. Mark Hindle and Edoardo Cassina have been working to liaise between Nokia and Social Media Week London for awhile now, and we’re loving what they’re doing. London is a hotbed for all things social and mobile, and after talking more with them- we know why.

Mark and Edoardo, Nokia is a global corporation with people hailing from all over the world. Where do you call home and how long have you been in London?

MH: I grew up in a tiny village called Withnell Fold in Lancashire. It has cobbled roads, no shops, and more fields and livestock than houses and people- it’s a great place to escape London for a few days, but I’ve called Mile End, East London home for most of my twenties. I’m lucky enough to be a Londoner with a garden so grow my own fruit, vege and herbs… A little taste of my country home in the big smoke.

EC: I’m from a small town in Italy but I’ve been roaming Europe since 2003, I’ve spent the past few years in Paris, Turin and London. London has always been my favourite; I love the city’s vibe.  

How long have you been with Nokia and what drew you to working with Nokia? How have you seen that evolve over the years?

MH: I joined Nokia 3 years ago. Having carried a Nokia every day since the age of 16, I was proud to join a brand that had played such an instrumental role in my life- it’s important you believe in the brand you work for. The company has gone through a wealth of changes since I’ve joined, and change is great in my opinion. What hasn’t changed is my passion for the brand, we still do great things for people from all walks of life.

EC: I joined Nokia as part of the global graduate program. Joining a brand with such a heritage is an incredible feeling and working in a fast paced industry is really exciting. Things change on a weekly basis and that boosts our excitement and motivation.  

What gets you excited about your work with Nokia?

MH: Getting the latest phones first for free is always nice, as are the people I work with… But, it’s the future products that really excite me. I’ve also been lucky enough to do some truly innovative campaigns like the conspiracy for good and Nokia Lumia Live ft deadmau5 and 4D projections in my Nokia career to date, so look forward to the next one of those too.

EC: I’m a total geek, and Nokia lets me play around with the latest technology every day–it’s a dream. In my past life I had a few experiences in large companies but what really struck me is the start up feeling you get working at Nokia; this company is a clear example of bottom up and flat structure, everybody could bring the big idea to life supported by every level of the organization.  


Nokia has been the major partner for SMW, with London an important center of activity each time. How do you see the activities with your team taking a bigger stage this September?

MH: We have a motto here at Nokia UK, “Go big or go home”… We’re not in the habit of going home, so watch this space.

EC: Managing Nokia’s proprieties in UK & Ireland I live and breathe social media every day; having my company supporting this event in such an important city is amazing. I can’t tell you too much at this stage but keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be an incredible month.  

Many of the activities will be helping showcase how everyday components of our lives warrant deeper conversations and highlighting, from our sense of fashion in such a trendy city as London to food, where London tops many food critics favorite destinations. Can you tell us how this fits into what Nokia is about and why you and your team are taking an active role in these areas?

MH: Anybody that has seen our marketing in the past year will be familiar with ‘The Amazing Everyday.’ It’s all about seizing the moment, celebrating the little things in life that collectively make it great, and capturing and sharing them with the people you know and love… Our products make this easy, and fun. Whether that’s food, graffiti, music, or whatever, there’s no better place to explore than London, presenting us with a great hub to help bring this to life with SMW LDN 2012.

With Nokia adopting the Windows Phone platform, what are your favorite things about the new platform?

MH: Hearing the people I show and demo my Lumia say, “Wow, that’s far slicker than my…”

EC: Incredibly fast and sleek, you’ll never have to worry about processor speed, memory or other technical details again; because… it just works!  

Nokia has launched an innovative campaign, Trial-a-Nokia. How can our supporters in London try out a Nokia during SMW?

EC: We believe that one way to succeed in this industry is to let people experience how it really feels using our products, like we did for The Amazing Collective (that we presented at the last SMWL). Trust me you’ll be surprised by how beautiful is the new Lumia line. More details can be found on the Nokia Conversations blog.  

Want more of these two? See Mark in action this past February during SMW London, where he was a bit of a favorite.

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