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Mobile and social media are nearly synonymous these days. Social media is powerful and interesting because mobile lets people engage in real-time.

So, we asked the man behind our mobile site to tell us which events he’d recommend this SMW12. Todd Shingler of Mobile Perspectives came back with these.

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Keynote: Troy Carter, Founder and CEO of Atom Factory (LA)
The rise of multi-media artists like Lady Gaga, who’s next album is being released as a mobile app, is evidence of the power of Social Media to connect artists and their audience.

Heroes of Social Innovation, supported by Nokia (London)
With nearly 60% of users regularly accessing Facebook from mobile devices and 60% of Twitter’s traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s not surprising that Mobile has played a huge role in enabling social movements to organize and communicate. This looks like a great opportunity to hear just how important it has been.

Go SoLoMoCo! Make the Most of the Social Local Mobile Commerce Revolution (Hong Kong)
Asia has long been ahead of the rest of the world in creating truly innovative mobile experiences – I’d expect some truly inspiring examples at the juxtaposition of SoLoMoCo. I might have to LiveStream this one!

Social Consumerization of the Workplace – How Mobile and Social Technologies Have Transformed the Way We Work (London)
Mobile phones & tablets have largely removed the traditional delineation between “work” and “home” – making employees accessible and productive practically around the clock. At the same time, it’s impractical to think employees won’t check Facebook or tweet while at work. Better for businesses to establish clear policies on appropriate use than try to micromanage it.

Injecting Social Into Your Mobile App (Vancouver)
Leveraging Social Media inside Mobile Apps is a great way to enable consumer advocacy – it’s personal, it’s subtle – and it’s very effective (done right). I’d attend just to see Ben’s hat!

Raves & Reviews: How consumer feedback can make or break your business (Chicago)
Consumer portals such as Yelp and Google Places have released mobile apps and made their websites mobile-friendly, enabling a near real-time feedback loop.  It’s great when consumers are sharing how delicious their dinner was or promoting the deal they got on a new shirt. It’s less great when their experience wasn’t good.  Good or bad, consumers are increasingly relying on reviews to help them decide where to eat, where to shop and what to buy. We recently bought a used car – and spent a lot of time on the mobile website.

El compromiso con “ROPO”. Cómo los dispositivos móviles ayudan a construir y reforzar las experiencias non-stop/ El compromís amb “ROPO”. Com els dispositius mòbils ajuden a construir i reforçar les experiències non-stop (Barcelona)
ROPO – “Research Online, Purchase Offline” is a growing trend as consumers have access to the same (or better) information as store employees.  That said, many consumers still want to touch and feel a product before they buy it. Great in-store mobile experiences can help ensure customers with purchase intent head to the register.

App Circus (Berlin)
Everyone loves a circus! I’d especially like one where I get to see 10 innovative mobile apps compete for an entry to the Mobile Premier Awards.

Exploring a learning journey of digital media in schools: sharing, connecting, reflecting (Berlin)
Mobile phones and tablets are revolutionizing the way students learn and communicate and the way schools communicate with parents, amongst faculty and to the larger community.

“For Good and Not Evil”: Social media in a Chicago Public School classroom (Chicago)
Hearing how schools in my own town are using social media and mobile in the classroom is too great an opportunity to pass up – I’ll be there!

El Futuro del Retail // The Future of Retail (Bogota)
Retailers have led the way in innovative use of mobile technologies to engage consumers and will no doubt continue to do so.  Understanding the direction Retailers are heading will shed a light for other industries on where they should be heading as well.

We the People of Social Media: Social Media for Political Campaigns (LA)
Social Media and Mobile campaigns have proven particularly cost-effective at influencing voter turnout and in enabling grass-roots political advocacy. Text donation and ‘updates’ platforms, mobile-friendly candidate websites and the ability to connect with on-the-go constituents via mobile-enabled real-time social network updates will have a huge impact on the upcoming national, state and local elections. It would be great to hear from these panelists just how much of an impact Social Media and Mobile will have.

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