The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself: Spotlight on SMW12 Events with Etsy



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Did you know that Etsy gets mentioned on Twitter 1 Million times a month? So, when we heard they were doing a series of events in Berlin, we wanted to talk with their team on their incredible growth and all that Etsy is doing. In the words of Emily Pelich, we bring you a spotlight on Etsy.

Etsy is a platform for independent, creative businesses, enabling people to sell unique goods to people from around the world. The obstacles to bring a product to market have greatly decreased: anyone can open a shop on Etsy, and manage it from anywhere, any time. Anyone can shop on Etsy, so long as they have the Internet.

These changes are giving people choices they never had before and opening the door for a wave of networked entrepreneurs to create alternative income with a few clicks of a mouse. Anyone can have an idea, manufacture it, and publicize it nearly instantaneously through social networks, finding customers from all corners of the world. They can quickly service market demand or improve their product based on qualitative and quantitative feedback from their customers.

This is why it’s important to us to educate our sellers. People might be very creative and great artists, but they don’t necessarily start out to build a business or think about the best way to communicate with a global audience of shoppers. We focus our efforts on teaching our sellers to become better business people, how to price their product, how to showcase it and how to build their individual brands.

We love being part of Social Media Week where we can offer free workshops to a wide audience. We’ll be offering a bunch of different workshops and sessions that reflect many aspects of running a successful small business: From tips about getting started on Etsy to DIY PR using social channels. We’ll also have successful small business owners that will share their secrets to success and discuss why networked platforms are accelerating bottom-up innovation

Etsy is about its community – on- and offline. Social Media is one of our main channels to communicate with all of our members. The great thing about it is that it’s not a one way street but that we can keep a dialog with our global audience.

Make sure you register for their events- or ones along the same theme- or catch them on Livestream:
Getting Started on Etsy (Berlin)
The Road to Success (Berlin)
Small is Beautiful- Why Micro-Economics is the Future (Berlin)
Women in Tech (Berlin)
Sharing Economy- Creativity Open for Innovation (Seoul)
Out of the Crisis: Time to Give Up Your Full-time Job? (Berlin)
Warhol Goes Social: Art in the Tech Age (Chicago)
User-Generated Products (Berlin)
Berlin Beat Generation: How Social Media Empower Independent Artist (Berlin)

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