True Vintage Fashion: Talking With Emily Ulrich on Concrete Jungle



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If you’re wanting to get involved with our Concrete Jungle style competition, now is the time! Teaming up Nokia and StyleSaint, we’ll start reviewing all entries this Friday, September 14th at 6pm EST.

And in case you need a little motivation, we thought what Emily Ulrich from Hazy Laughter… And Fancier Things submitted was pretty impressive. So, we talked with her about why she took part and all things fashion.

Emily, can you tell us how you came to be involved with fashion?

My sense of style, and really my acknowledgment of fashion, evolved beneath the influence of my grandmother. She was such an active presence throughout my life, especially during those developmental years–no one had as much outward grace as she. And even though my style now is certainly not what it was when she was a factor, my interest in fashion definitely owes her a praise of acknowledgment. During the summer, (when I was really little) she would read to me editions of Vogue, and teach my how to present myself. She was the most stylish grandmother in town, and she taught me to care.

How did you learn about Concrete Jungle and why did you take part?

Whether or not people realize it at the time of their living there, a hometown is a crucial factor of influence in one’s style. It can drive them to surpass social bounds and set their own standards, or allow them to take comfort in the surrounding style. Some believe fashion to be born and bred in the major cities across the globe, and while the industry may flourish unparalleled in those areas, it isn’t fair to claim them of sole worth in terms of inspiration. The “Concrete Jungle” challenge attracted me because it grants a more genuine look into areas that may be unexpected in terms of style. Inspiration can be found anywhere, and I like how this respect is represented.

How do you think social media is influencing fashion?

Social Media can not be denied its place in modern industry–particularly with fashion. Being an independent fashion blogger, I find social media networking to be the most crucial tool in developing the status of my name. It’s provided incredible opportunities for extended communication between the hierarchies of industry. In a way, it’s much less intimidating now. It’s a big, bad, wonderful world that is also quite small!

I’m a creature of order, so using Twitter as an organizational tool to follow specific types of accounts is really helpful. I have lists of bloggers, news sources, fashion publications; it all helps to stay in the know and maintain relevancy. Personally, I’ve built a notable platform of social media assets to network my blog on With Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and up-and-coming sites like StyleSaint and The Cools, a single post goes a long way. It’s also a wonder how much charities rely on social media to spread their message. I became an active part of the DoSomething Summer of Do campaign, and spreading news on
Facebook was one of the most common tasks. It’s efficient, as well as highly effective.

How did you hear about Social Media Week?

Now, this is my first year being active enough online to know about Social Media Week, but considering my nearest city (Boston) was a leading site in the evolution of Social Media (the creation of Facebook at Harvard, for one), I’m certainly going to get involved as much as I can.

Finally, tell us a little more about who you are and your passions.

I’m actually a full-time student. This is my last year in high school before moving on to the big leagues of university study. I’m a very devout student–I take my academics seriously. Aside from my blog, however, I’ve worked on a part-time basis since about 2008. First, at my parents’ coffee shop, and now for a local

My passions lie all over the place. By nature of character, my family is pretty artistic, so it’s natural for me to have a camera on my shoulder and a sketchbook in my bag–at all times! I used to bake a lot, and this year I’ve begun creating my own recipes. This month was the first time I experienced making a cake
entirely on my own: an almond base with white chocolate Swiss meringue frosting and a lemon glaze, topped off with chocolate dipped strawberries. It was three layers of absolute beauty. Of course, I had to post it on Instagram. How else could I remember what I made? Ha ha!

I have homebody tendencies (I’m honestly so easy to entertain), but I’ve always been a highly active person. With sports and fitness, that is. I don’t have the patience for the monotony of going to the gym, but I’ve recently taken up an Antigravity Yoga class in a nearby studio. I read about it on a digital fitness journal some time back, and my friend approached me to see if I wanted to take classes with her. It’s insane. I feel part-monkey, part-trapeze artist, and a little part-flying cat. My lack of coordination the first time around fluffed my tail a little, but if you ask me, it lives up to every hype. And just in time for FNO, Fashion Week, and Social Media Week!

A big thanks to Emily for talking with us and taking part. We can’t wait to see more from her. And now, don’t forget to show us your city style before September 14th!

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