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When Twitter ran its first television commercial in late spring, it was a moment many had been waiting for. Myself included.

It was a great beginning, something to build on. But the company should think bigger. Much, much bigger.

As I reasoned three years ago, Twitter should develop a Super Bowl ad. No, not anything based on a formula, like one with a celebrity endorser. What I am talking about is a television commercial with highlights of Twitter’s undeniable impact, complemented with CEO Jack Dorsey’s voice. Think back to how compelling the 1999 “Crazy Ones” commercial was with Steve Job’s now memorable narration.

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Are you with me now? This would be hot, right? Yes, indeed.

Now, I do have an ulterior motive in pushing this. I believe that once one of the big Social Media Networks makes a Super Bowl ad buy, the rest will surely follow suit. And that would be an exciting development. Think about it: Pinterest and Instagram’s emphasis on the importance with visual social media; LinkedIn’s impressive new additions, particularly its sleek new redesign; Tumblr and its 20 billion page views per month; Facebook’s sudden emergence as a mobile powerhouse; and Google Plus, which has seen its numbers rebound dramatically, actually runs ads right now, and ran its first one on Thanksgiving 2011.

With all of that mind, envisioning a commercial for each company would not be difficult. Social media influences so much of our lives: who we vote for, our healthcare decisions, what we purchase, etc. So why not share the social media message of community, culture, and innovation with a billion-plus Super Bowl viewership on 6 continents, and potentially gain hundreds of thousands of new members in the process?

Television is more social than ever before. And social good activists would be happy as well because such a move by these titans of tech would surely, albeit slightly, help close the global digital divide. Social media has been baking a cake for decades, from the first email in 1971 to the latest trends and industry shifts of the past year. It’s time to put on the frosting and share the cake with parts of humanity, unwilling to take part, or unaware of the advances in technology. People are visual, so, during the world’s biggest annually televised event, tell a global story that will captivate, empower, and inspire.

It makes complete sense. It’s time to shine. Let’s make this happen.

2morrowKnight is a social media producer and consultant living in Washington, D.C., and co-creator of the Twitter Powerhouses Series. He blogs at

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