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We’ve talked about the major growth of 2012 for the fields of social and digital media across all industries- and this leads us to be excited about the potential of 2013.

We’re not the only ones. Ian Schafer of Deep Focus has been a long-standing member of our Advisory Board- and he knows social and digital media. Don’t believe us? In addition to heading up the force that is Deep Focus, he also was the creative mind behind @InvisibleObama. See our profile of him a couple of years ago.

To kick off 2013, Deep Focus has released their outlook for the year. It’s going to be a good year to be in this area. To help all brands and marketers stay on top of the trends to be as successful as possible, Ian and his team have 15 key developments to watch:

1. Social platforms will become the primary digital reach mechanism for the savviest of brands.

2. The era of the newsfeed will bring further creative innovation to branded content.

3. Native advertising will soar as a percentage of digital ad spend while display will become completely commoditized & automated.

4. Engagement will get its due as a critical marketing metric.

5. The newsfeed war will wage on as platforms adopt pay for feed placement models.

6. Mobile first approach will not only appeal to design but marketing strategy as well.

7. Social platforms will vie to compete with Facebook’s user-data dominance.

8. Brand websites will make a comeback as Facebook tabs continue to lose luster.

9. The changing demands of demographics and devices will make experiential a key part of digital marketing.

10. Gestural interfaces will become commonly used as point and click schemas.

11. 2013 will see a new focus on video as Facebook and Youtube fight for viewer attention.

12. Mobile social & TV will continue their romance, providing some brand opportunity.

13. Email will gain new prominence as the development of social channels depends on access to customer data.

14. Crossover technologies won’t gain mainstream acceptance until Apple designs for them.

15. We will not see broadcast scale video consumption until Apple or Xbox releases a better TV product.

We recommend you check out the entire report. What other predictions do you have for 2013? Let’s see how 2013 unfolds.

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Image courtesy Deep Focus.

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